Who's Behind the Chair? Joe Price

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Who's Behind the Chair? Joe Price

04 Nov 2019

Image credit: Photo by MyMarlow at The Chapel Hairdressers - Marlow

We wanted to know more about the hilarious, fan-favourite stylist behind the chair, so we sat down with Joe to get to know him a little better …

Joe, can you tell us what inspired your career as a hairstylist?

“So, I began working as a Saturday boy in an independent salon when I was still at school. I always got told off by teachers for being chatty, so it made sense to do a job where I could chat to guests all day. This was a great place to start my career in the industry, but then I moved to a more established salon to do my training and pick up industry skills. While I was training there I gained my Level 2 and 3, and won a few competitions for cutting and colouring.”

So, what was it about The Chapel that inspired you to work there?

“At The Chapel, you get to know your guests, which makes you an overall happier hairdresser. This is because charging by time allows you to make each appointment bespoke to the guest, and they leave feeling good. It’s so rewarding watching for guests go through different stages of life and giving them that time to relax and renew. When guests are in my chair, I’ll always support them.

The environment at The Chapel is so inspiring. Being able to work with lots of types of stylist has allowed me to blossom and figure out my own style, while picking up techniques from other stylists along the way.”

What’s one product that you always reach for in the salon?

“I’m always colouring hair, so it’s got to be Shades EQ by Redken. It’s an acidic demi-permanent colour, which gives that hair a really rich, glossy finish. Who does want shiny hair? PH bonder does a similar thing, but it also reconstructs the hair as it colours, working to minimise any damage and really strengthen the hair shaft. With hair, my priority is condition and how it feels. I’m not doing anything to the hair that is going to weaken its condition.”

Learn more about how pH bonder works here.

Cutting or Colouring? What’s your go-to?

“Absolutely colour. I love colour — especially on long hair. I find cutting quite technical, whereas, with colour, I can be more creative. I came from a colouring background where I was doing a lot of colour correction so it's my forte. Balayage is my favourite. I've come from a generation where is always been in fashion so I’ve been trained on it.”

Where do you get your hair inspiration from?

“Mainly Instagram— I’m always keeping up with hashtags like #RedkenColour and #ShadesEQ just to stay up to date with how other stylists are being innovative with colour. I also like having a flick through Vogue and Elle, and I recently went to the Christian Dior exhibition at the V&A which was so interesting. Anything to do with luxury design and fashion is always a great place to find inspiration.”

What are your plans for the future?

“I’d really love to take part in the L’Oreal’s Colour Trophy as I loke a good competition. Day-to-day hairdressing is really rewarding, but I also think its good for stylists to be pushed and get a bit more creative. It’s something I’m hoping to take part it this year, so fingers crossed!”

We’ve loved getting to know the lovely Joe! You can keep up to date with Joe’s hairdressing journey on Instagram @joepricestylist, or pop into our Marlow salon to chat with our fabulous stylists in-person.