Chanel clogs

The new footwear to hit this season, is Clogs!!!  Now we’re not talking dutch cheese making clogs, but glamorous designers such as Chanel and Dior have brought their versions out, and slightly sexed up the design from the wooden boats that the genuine article looks like.

Billies just walked in while I was writing this blog, and she got all excited about these Dior clogs until she saw the price tag! Oh well Bills,  you’ll just have to wait for the high street to catch up.  At the moment I cant find anything, but will let you know as soon as I find a cheaper version, I’m on the hunt!!!

Dior clogs

Tips on wearing The Clog

Best to go sockless so that you don’t look like a tourist 😉 so that your feet can grip the clog, and that no breakages occur, as in ankles!

Team up with whimsical clothes or really minimal to add sexiness to the clog,.

Earplugs will be needed as you walk around.

Lots of plasters at the ready.

And stay away from little mice!!!          

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