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What is bespoke tailoring? Uncovering the individual at The Chapel


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The Chapel, London

Bespoke tailoring is one of our key values - a part of our ethos which serves to celebrate the individual. But, whether you’re a seasoned Chapel guest or not, it can be a concept which many of us are still baffled by when it comes to our hair. In the hairdressing world, we’re used to seeing menus of services - cuts, colours and different techniques all priced individually and therefore sold to you as separate offerings. At The Chapel, however, we do not force you to choose one service over another - we start with how you want to feel and then build a bespoke experience just for you. This might sound a bit ambiguous, but here we want to show you how this looks in The Chapel and why it is a key part of what makes us different. 

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Amanda Dicker at The Chapel, Tunbridge Wells

More than just a cut and colour

The first step of our bespoke service is how we direct your journey at The Chapel. From your initial conversation, to wash, cut and colour your stylist will be with you for the whole experience - giving you, and only you, their full attention throughout. This sense of personalisation brings a whole new element to your usual hairdressing experience, where you’ve been more than likely passed multiple times from junior to a hair colourist to a stylist. Our team (including industry-respected specialists) are highly skilled in cut and colour - taking your hair from conception to finish. Think of them as your bespoke artists, creating a piece of unique art - why would you allow several different minds and hands work on an individual masterpiece?

Karlene, one of the senior stylists at our London-based salon sees the benefit for both stylist and guest, “I think it’s so important for me to for be there every single step of the way to achieve the desired look we discussed in our first conversation. I also thrive on outstanding customer service and believe this can’t be achieved if my guest is passed from person to person. Even things like getting my guest a nice drink when their colour is on are so important. The little details really matter and time just runs more smoothly.”

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The Chapel, London

Curating your cut

The perfect cut, in our eyes, is one which fits your personality - not just your face shape or photo you bring in. Every one of our stylists will create a bespoke cut for you, reflecting the length and feeling you want to have after your style.

“I enjoy my work so much more now because I’m no longer working on a conveyor belt. It gives me time to sit down with the guest and have a really in depth chat on the sofa with them about their hair, lifestyle etc. This way, I have more time to think for each individual guest that tailored look.”, says Karlene of the process.

When it comes to cutting, our inspiration often comes from times past, particularly the 1960’s and 70’s, where precision of cut and technique were incredibly important. As years have passed, of course fashion cuts have come and gone, however we always put a precedent on timeless styles which flatter the face and stay sharp between visits.

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The colour studio, The Chapel Tunbridge wells

Colour unique

We’re all too used to paying for a full head of colour, half head of highlights or perhaps investing in a new-fangled technique such as balayage. However, every single individual's hair is different and therefore has different colour needs. From the colour you’re starting with, to the porosity of your hair and even factors like how often you wash your hair all make a difference when it comes to colour. Based on all of this information, your stylist will then decide on the best techniques and colour combinations to give you the results you really desire.

Our expert colourists custom mix Redken dyes to give you a truly bespoke colour - never from simply out of the bottle. The Redken range really allows our stylists to get creative, from the high gloss Shades EQ range to edgy City Beats colours to give you the perfect colour combination every time.

Of course, more than anything we’d love you to come in and experience our bespoke cut and colour experience. So if you’re keen to try something new or want to find out more, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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