Charging By Time

We know that how you wear your hair is as unique as you are. That's why back in 1997 we set out to revolutionise the hairdressing experience by letting go of traditional fixed service menus and instead we put time at the heart of everything we do.

Rather than being restricted to a standard process every appointment at The Chapel is booked according to the time your stylist will need to help you achieve the look you want. To do this we always start with a conversation. By listening to your style ideas, understanding how you want to feel and what it is your individual hair needs, we then tailor your appointment time with your stylist to suit you.

However you choose to experience your time with us, whether it's a personalised cocktail of hair colour, a full re-style or a simple blowdry and styling lesson, it's just the time required that determines the price we charge. Our stylists are all fully qualified, as we do not work with juniors, and their hourly rates range from £50-120 per hour and are inclusive of all of the best-in-industry products and colour treatments that your hair needs. This means that once your appointment time is agreed and booked you can relax in the knowledge that there will be no surprise ‘extra' service costs and we will never charge more than the quoted time, even if we run over.

What's more, to make sure we get to know you and understand how you want to feel by the time you leave us, we allow up to 15 minutes of complimentary additional time when you meet a stylist for the first time. This gives you and your stylist the space to pause and enjoy an initial conversation (often over a cup of tea) without the sense that the clock is ticking in the background.

Someone having their hair coloured at The Chapel Islington

"We don't just give you the time to talk, we give our team the time to listen."

Georgie Evans, The Chapel Marlow

Some Things Take Longer Than Others

Colouring hair can often take much longer than hair cuts and styling work as we need to allow time for it to develop. Similarly longer, fuller hair can take more time to cut and style than shorter hair. The good news is that our experienced booking team, hosts and stylists are experts in helping you to determine the amount of time you'll need with us. So to receive a tailored quote all we need to get us started is a conversation.

A customer having their hair styled at The Chapel Islington


For first time appointments we always recommend that you speak with our dedicated booking team on the phone or with one of our stylists/hosts in person.

You can find all salon phone numbers, email addresses and physical addresses on our contacts page or if you've been to us before and want to book a last-minute appointment online, you can try our bookings page where you can make bookings and find out more.

Gifting The Experience

If you want to gift some me-time to someone special, just follow this link here.

On the day & our children policy

Feel free to arrive early…

We always invite you to arrive early to relax and enjoy a drink before your appointment should you so wish! You're even welcome to drop by for a drink and a catchup whenever you're in the area, we'd love to see you.

As part of our core ethos, we've created a destination to hang out and for you to feel looked after; somewhere that we can give you our complete attention and you can feel right at home.

Our Children Policy

We have an Only Children Over 12 Policy for two main reasons. Firstly, for the health and safety of your children, yourselves and our stylists, we need to keep young children away from stylists handling extra-sharp scissors, heated styling tools, bleach and colour chemicals. We have also always been passionate that your time with us is to fully unwind, time off the clock where we're able to look after you and ensure that all of our other guests can truly relax.

We would also love for you to join us in putting our phones on silent or vibrate to help us get away from the digital world for a short while.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and we can't wait to look after you.

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