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The Chapel Hairdressing

You being you inspires us

Feeling heard and fully seen has never been as important as it is now.

That's why at the heart of our hairdressing experience is a genuine desire to help you be more you - to find your own style version and be the individual that you are.

Our Story

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Take some time to put yourself first.

In a conveyor belt world there is nothing more precious than time so within each of our hair salons we work in a way that gives you the time you need to achieve the look you want. Instead of being restricted to booking a specific style,

treatment or hair colour our stylists work by time. That means that you, and your stylist, have complete freedom to create the look you want.

Booking Time With Us

A guest consultation at The Chapel Tunbridge Wells

Pause Discover Evolve

We know that your experience at The Chapel is about more than your hair, it’s about how you feel too. That’s why from the moment you step into one of our salons we want you to feel at home and relaxed. We have carefully chosen and developed unique buildings,

with their own individual personalities, that immediately create a sense of sanctuary away from all the busyness of daily life where you can pause and let go.

Experience Our Salons

Much more than a haircut. A considered approach based on the personality, lifestyle and thoughts of the guest.

Jane Love

The hair consultant talks you through your hair on a comfy sofa, it’s like being at home with a friend. My hair consultant made me feel at complete ease. I have wavy/curly hair which isn’t the easier to blow dry, normally I sit and grin through a bad hair dry, my consultant asked me how I’d like to dry my hair and I felt so comfortable explaining my previous experiences with her without feeling judged! The last few hair cuts I’ve had at other hairdressers have made me feel/look awful. Since I had my hair cut two days ago I feel like a new person, full of confidence and myself again! Honestly, I can’t wait for my hair to grow so I can go back! (I never write reviews but this place is special)

Katie Jackson

This place was spectacular from start to finish. The knowledge of the staff and the venue itself are unlike any other salon in the country. The stylists genuinely want to talk to you, I even stayed for another coffee so we could chat further. My haircut was also expertly matched to my face shape and hair texture, and I'm so glad I was advised against a fringe. A must visit for anyone who is tired of rushed and cramped salons.

Sarah Wadmore
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