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Luke Gilbert
£70/hr Stylist @ Islington

Luke Gilbert

“I believe beautiful hair should look timeless and effortless.”

He’s visual, he’s technical, he’s a blow-dry expert, but first and foremost Luke is an instinctive stylist; one who believes that hair should be cut and coloured to reveal and enhance it’s natural beauty.

“My favourite way to cut hair is by working with the way it already falls,” explains Luke, “and I think a really great haircut is one that’s styled in response to a person’s hair type and texture. When you work that way you take styling to the next level by creating the impression that someone’s hair just naturally looks that amazing all the time!”

“I also believe that the finishing touches to your style can make or break a look, and a good blow-dry should always last longer than a night out. When it comes to colour, once again, I think it should look as natural as possible - or it shouldn't be done at all. Colour should always compliment your skin tone and maintenance should be low. ‘By the book’ highlights are not my thing, I prefer to place colour only where it is needed, as opposed to applying just for the sake of it. As with everything we do at The Chapel – it should always be tailored to you.”

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