Short or long? Which styles are best for round faces

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Short or long? Which styles are best for round faces

29 Jun 2017

Image credit: The Chapel, London

We often come across the short or long hairstyle dilemma. We all want to make sure that our locks flatter our face shape. To overcome this problem, first things first, you’ll need to identify what your face shape is. A handy and slightly messy way of doing so is to draw around your reflection in the mirror using eyeliner. Note the shape and if it is not quite as wide as it is long but pretty close, you are in the round face shape gang. The good news is, it’s said that you’ll retain a fresh and youthful appearance for longer than the other face shapes. To ensure you get the best out of any hair cut, we have created a helpful guide to show you what fabulous short and long styles work best for rounder faces.

A red bob cut by Oliver at The Chapel, London
Image credit: A red bob cut by Oliver at The Chapel, London

Short and simple

Short hair can really suit any face shape including rounder faces, but getting the right style that flatters your features is important. Short hairstyles are fabulous for enhancing facial features especially your eyes and cheekbones. For instance, a bob length cuts that sits just above chin level draws the eye upwards and towards your beautiful hair. If you dare to go shorter than bob length, a cropped pixie style with slightly longer layers can be spiked at the crown, which adds extra height to your hair, elongating your face.

Asymmetric cuts which sit longer at the front and shorter and cropped close to the back of the head, are a sneaky way of lengthening the neck and also maintaining a style that can be worn in a variety of ways. Keep the pieces at the front of hair longer. Cutting pieces of hair that fall forward around the ears open up the face which isn’t always something you will want with a rounder shape. Those with rounder faces tend to avoid haircuts that sit between the chin and shoulders as these cuts can sometimes shorten the neck. To tackle this, start the layers at the occipital bone (the bone you feel in the back of your head) to help keep the weight on ends and avoid wispy finer lengths.

Gigi Games from our London salon!
Image credit: Gigi Games from our London salon!

Longer locks

Leaving hair long adds versatility, and allows you to go for mid-length or longer to flatter your face shape and enhance your features. Longer layers add volume on the bottom of the hair, rather than the sides and can compliment a rounder face shape. Be aware of blunt one length styles and go for softer ends to give a feathered finish. These barely there layers that start at the collar will balance features and look fantastic with balayage colouring. Wearing hair forward on your face will create more of an oval shape which will lessen your face width.

Styling straight and sleek will help add length to the face, whereas voluminous curls can sometimes add width. If you want to try an updo with longer hair, go for a high ponytail, leaving a few natural pieces and longer layers to fall. The volume on top can trick the eye into seeing more of an oval face shape.

The Chapel, London
Image credit: The Chapel, London

Flattering fringes

If you’re fancying a fringe this season, ensure to chat to your stylist about what bangs would work best for you and your overall chosen look. For those with longer foreheads, ask your stylist to taper the layers into the fringe to soften. This will compliment your face shape by directing attention towards the eyes. Longer side sweeping fringes also work particularly well on rounder face shapes by highlighting bone structure. Fringes that sit above your brows sometimes can be harsh on rounder faces as these can further shorten your face. Partings are often preferred kept to the side, as a centre parting may accentuate a rounder face shape and its circular symmetry. However, chat to your stylist if you’re leaning towards any of these styles as they can make the look work best for you.

Hair texture and type

It’s important to take into consideration your hair texture and type as well as your face shape to find a cut that flatters your individual style. Those with tight curly hair may want to avoid any cut that sits on your cheeks as this will add width to the face, instead go for a style that sits lower, skimming the shoulders and lengthens the face. Framing the face with a few shorter ringlets can balance facial features. If you have a busy lifestyle with little time to style, it’s important to make your hair work for you.

Of course, there isn’t a ‘one style fits all’ for your face shape. It’s all about finding something that suits you as an individual. Book a consultation with your stylist at The Chapel and discuss your personal style and find a hairstyle that can suit it. We can give advice on not only the cut but how to style and maintain great looking and healthy hair.