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Best Products For Protecting Your Hair This Winter

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The mercury is dropping and sunlight's in short supply. This time of year one day of bad weather can mean a week of bad hair days, and with this in mind we've prepared a definitive list of the best products for saving your hair from winter's icy clutches.

Imagine the ways this season takes it's toll on your hair and you're most likely picturing yourself being buffeted by chill winds and freezing sleet, so heat protection is probably the last thing on most people's minds. But did you know that being indoors all day with the central heating on full blast can be as harmful to hair as spending several hours daily under the hairdryer? Combine this with the temptation of frequently using hot air to blow away those soggy, foggy days that leave hair feeling damp and lank, and it turns out the biggest threat to hair during winter can actually be too much heat!

Enter the Kerastase Discipline Range. Even the name makes our unruly locks want to behave properly. This range consists of shampoo, conditioner and an exceptional primer. Primers are brilliant heat protectors and this one is sure to help to shield your tresses from the stresses of frequent winter blow-drying. Finish off with Kerastase's Fluidissme Spray, designed to provide thermal anti-frizz protection and your hair will be well on its way to combating every extreme of temperature.

Hairspray. You're either and addict or you can't stand the stuff, but whatever your predilection its worth remembering that this time of year that micro-thin sheen of copolymers can add a vital barrier of protection between your hair and the winter weather. However, when selecting a good winter hairspray it's best to find one with a low alcohol content, as too much will make hair feel drying brittle (whatever the weather). For protection, not to mention strong, effortless hold, we'd like to recommend Redken's Control Addict 28.

As the temperature dips outbreaks of colds and flu soar, so it's also important to remember that even something as common as a winter head cold can affect the health of your hair. That's why it's important to use a good, nourishing hair oil, and we haven't found anything much better than Shu Uemura Hair Essence, infused with camellia oil helps protect the hair fiber against dryness and frizz while providing intense nutrition. Like a warm bowl of tomato soup on a frezzing wet day, Shu Uemura Hair Essence is designed to comfort and sustain your locks - use this and a your winter hair will love you for it.

Take our tips for applying the best protective products this winter advice, and even when the weather outside is frightful we're confident your hair will stay delightful. Now, let is snow...

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