Going green? This crazy colour will put a spring in your step

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This year's pantone colour is greenery, so why not make others turn that envious shade by trying out a new hair colour trend? Whether you take on a striking forest green shade, or perhaps a pastel toned balayage, we've equipped you with some tips on for how to get the look and how to make it suit your style.

Mini succulents took over our homes and even our hair late last year, with the colourings of the plant being adopted by many for their new colour look. It looks like stylists are set to get creative with colour techniques using metallic greens and deep emeralds this spring and summer. These are set to be the shades of choice in salons for 2017. If you really do dare to be bold with green, you could even try out watermelon hair where the shade clashes with bright pinks. Bright and juicy colours to rock this spring!

Meet your greens

Going green doesn't have to be too much of a Kermit-ment, if you pardon the pun. There are ways to wear the look subtly if you don't want such a dramatic change. Kesha softened her take on the trend by adding some subtle pastel green balayage through the ends of her long blonde hair. This is a great way to try out green, and an expert colourist will be able to pick the perfect shade to suit your skin tone and style.

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If you have naturally dark hair, you can request to add green tones in the under-sections of your hair to add depth and give the illusion of oil slick hair colouring. However, be aware you may need to do this gradually with several trips to the salon to avoid any hair damage. Katy Perry's grunge style dark roots, with lighter mid-lengths and green tips is a great low maintenance alternative.

Those with blonde hair have the perfect base to allow you to try out green locks. Kylie Jenner recently wore a blonde long straight wig with a baby green hue which suited her skin tone, pairing with pastel pink lips, to really make her dark eye colour stand out. If you don't want to go for a full head colour change, try out panels of colour which can be hidden underneath and throughout hair for a 'peekaboo' take on the trend.

Match from top to toe

The green colour trend is best worn with waves, texture and braids as they all allow a fantastic glimpse of colour weaving through. Style wise, keep outfits simple and combine a high trend hair look with a pared down tailored style. For your eye make-up, avoid clashes with bold eye shadows and stick to winged eyeliner and bronzed lids. For your lips, wearing nude or browns will compliment your new hair colour and are a great way to take on the 90's trend.

Those with darker skin, go for stronger more saturated green hues, as pastels can make you look washed out and this rule also applies to those with pink undertones. If you've got fairer skin you might want to look for cleverer ways to colour. Perhaps a standout root burst of pastel green, or panels of varying shades of green to blend amongst your colours. You can give the illusion of volume to your hair by building shades of green with darker tones underneath and lighter greens woven through to add dimensions.

Make sure your hair is in excellent condition before a colour service by using moisturising treatments. Avoid the overuse of heated styling tools and never use without heat protection! Washing your hair with tepid water can help avoid colour fading, however, if you are planning for brighter green tones to fade to a softer hue, wash regularly to help colour particles leave your hair.

When considering any colour change, it's worth taking the advice of your stylist to ensure your hair stays healthy and you get the result you want. The Chapel team can advise you on which colour would best suit your hair type and how you can accentuate your look with specific products and processes. We are here to help you to bring your dream look to life. The expert team at The Chapel are ready and waiting, so get in touch to book your appointment.

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