Natural curls or super sleek? The battle of this year’s top style trends

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Natural curls or super sleek? The battle of this year’s top style trends

28 Feb 2017

We have seen countless numbers of hair trends that have come and gone over the years, for short and extended period of times. Most of these styles both wild and tame can be broadly slotted into two categories: straight and sleek or curly and voluminous. From the carefully tamed flapper styles of the 20s to the 80s bouffant dos and the choppy layers of the 90s; hair trends are wielded from a growing variety of hair styling tools.

With 2017 now well and truly underway, it looks like this year is going to be no different. We've already seen a number of striking hair styles hit the catwalks and streets of the world's fashion capitals this winter season, and stylists around the world are clamouring to create the look that will epitomise the year. If you're currently searching for a bit of inspiration for your own hairstyle of 2017, taking a quick look at this year's biggest upcoming trends could do the trick.

Back to basics?

Two main trends seem to be battling for the top place this year. Both styles seem to draw on two of the most tried and tested looks around: silky straight and natural and curly. Although these trends create antithesis looks, they have emerged simultaneously. There are a number of reasons for this 'back to basics' approach.

For one, they both take inspiration from the late 80s and 90s trends that have made an impressive comeback. Not only is this a bonus for those who have naturally straight or curly hair, it is the ease of achieving these looks which are exciting for women who opt for less time-consuming looks.

Another fabulous factor to these looks is they are not restricted to a specific group of individuals.  They can suit a variety of people and can be adapted to wear for any social events. Whether you're looking for a style suitable for a black tie or an everyday minimalist work look.

Super sleek

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With barely a strand out of place, this smooth, sophisticated look has been slowly gaining popularity for some time now. Since 90's fashions came full circle, smooth and sleek hair has infiltrated women's looks in recent months.

If you weren't born with stress-free straight locks, then this look is often achieved by blowdrying, straighteners and serums to tame hair and create a faultless finish. This precise look is ideal for work, home and play -- possibly the easiest hairstyle to achieve and to dress up or down. Give your hair a centre parting and combine it with red lipstick and dark eyes to evoke a more striking presence.

Sleek styles draw attention to the face, facial features and shape. This flawless style is well suited for those pursuing more definition in their look and those who are seeking to emphasise their eyes, lips and cheekbones. The look would also suit someone with frizzy or full-bodied hair who doesn't want their locks to be their standout feature. For a great night time effect, combine your sleek, slick hair with smokey eyes and a knockout dress and you're guaranteed to look and feel fantastic.

Natural curls

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Though straight, sleek styles are ever more popular at the moment, natural curls currently seem to be winning the battle for the do of 2017. This is great news for those women lucky enough to have naturally curly hair- put down your straighteners! More women than ever are embracing their curls and making the most of their wavy hair. Some without a permanent curly mane are now opting for perms to add body to naturally straight locks.

Curls can be rocked anywhere in any style you want. If your hair is naturally curly, simply emphasise your locks by letting your hair dry naturally and adding some product to fight the frizz. If you have naturally straight hair and want to add some volume, crack out the curling iron and get to work.

A fab choice for women with thin hair who want to add a bit of body to their look? Corkscrew curls or the more natural brushed out locks can assist in delivering that statement look you've been searching for. Natural curls are also the answer for women wanting to step away from a more structured look. This look can be created to look effortless and to compliment the 'no makeup' makeup trend that has taken off in recent months.

This charismatic style is timeless as it compliments both 80s and 90s fashions as well as contemporary looks that are ever emerging. Though this style can be seen as more of an everyday look when compared to pin straight sleek hair, you can dress it up by using heavier makeup and by combining flowing locks with a head-turning black jumpsuit.

Which look is right for you?

If you can't decide whether to go sleek and straight or natural and curly, why not try both? Mix and match to see which look best works for you. If you're not sure how to adapt each look to your own personal style or unsure which look will compliment your face shape, speak to one of our experts at The Chapel.

Our stylists will discuss and offer expert advice on what look will give you a faultless finish. Whether you're getting ready for a special event or just want to revamp your look, we can work with you to develop the look of your dreams. As well as offering useful advice and tips on helping you achieve your desired look every day and on looking after your locks!

The Chapel team can also advise you on which style would best suit your hair type and how you can accentuate your look with specific products and processes. We are here to help you to bring your hairdo into 2017, the expert team at The Chapel are ready and waiting. Get in touch to find out more or to book your appointment.

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