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The full fringe is a bold look that is perfect for mixing things up when we're wanting a change. Whether you're going for a classic bob, a gorgeous long hairstyle with a curtain fringe or a textured and layered look, a fringe is great for framing the face.

At The Chapel, we are passionate about creating beautiful, tailored hairstyles that really reflect the personalities for each one of our guests. After your fabulous new cut, it's important to know how to look after your hair, especially if it's a new transformation! Keeping your new haircut healthy and stylish is easy with these simple fringe haircare tips.

Keeping your fringe clean

It's important to make sure that you regularly wash your fringe, to avoid any oils from your skin making it look greasy. The hair is shorter here so may need washing more often than you are used to. If you don't like to wash your hair too often, then there's nothing wrong with a quick shampoo of just the front section of your hair. Dry shampoo is another great tool for anyone with a fringe. Spray carefully onto your fringe and comb through with your fingers for clean and shiny hair. You can carry it around with you all day for a quick spritz to freshen up too. It's worth carrying a comb with you too in case a gust of wind or rain messes up your fabulous new fringe.

Styling your new haircut

There are lots of different ways you can style your haircut, especially with a new fringe. Play around with different updos, pinning sections of your hair back, or try a classic beehive! Your new look is all about making you feel bold and fabulous, so embrace different styles and be brave!

Master the blow-dry

It's a good idea to blow-dry your fringe as soon as you've finished your shower, as it will dry faster than the rest of your hair. Use a curly brush with bristles and use a nozzle to direct the hot air where you want it. Blow-dry from above the fringe, and use the round brush to tuck ends under. You can also comb your fringe straight and blow-dry for a neat look. If you prefer a more natural look, you can twist sections of your fringe so that they dry in the same direction. If you're worried about your fringe falling flat through the day, velcro rollers are perfect for adding some bounce after you dry your hair.

Avoid excess moisture

Because a fringe is close to your face, it's important that you pin it back before doing your makeup too, as you don't want it sticking to your head! If you are worried about a greasy fringe, make sure you blot your face after using moisturiser. Try and avoid too many styling products on your fringe, and if you always use a serum or treatment, use a smaller amount on your fringe than the rest of your hair.

Regular maintenance

It's important that your fringe stays the right shape and length, and it's worth seeing your hairdresser between full appointments for a quick trim. Feel free to pop into one of our award-winning salons in LondonTunbridge WellsSevenoaksHorshamMarlow or Verbier so we can together help make you feel your best.

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