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Greasy hair can be a nightmare - whether it's something you've always had to put up with, or something that seems to be happening more often recently, it's never fun. It can seem like an uphill battle trying to manage it but there's nothing to be ashamed of about greasy hair, it's something that we all have to combat every once in a while - but there are things that you can do to cure greasy hair and prevent it occurring in future.

If you're feeling that your hair is getting greasy but you don't know what to do, you can relax - there are plenty of tips and tricks to help you restore your hair's natural sheen, and leave it looking beautiful and healthy.

Know the cause

One of the best ways to avoid greasy hair is to understand the cause. So, what causes greasy hair? It can be a number of things - some people just have naturally greasy hair, whereas others seem to suffer from "greasy spells". Ultimately greasy hair comes down to an excess of oil being present on your scalp - sweat, hair product, or over-productive sebum glands can all play their role.

Shop around for shampoo

The wrong shampoo will be your worst enemy when you're trying to stop your hair from becoming too greasy. It's easy to get tricked into thinking your scalp is oily and greasy when it's actually hair products weighing your hair down at the root. Knowing your hair type will come into its own here, as there are many different shampoos out there specifically formulated for thicker, thinner, straighter, curlier, or frizzier hair.

Have faith in conditioner

A common suggestion is to abandon conditioner, but conditioner is still a great help in keeping your hair properly nourished and as healthy as possible. The key is finding those conditioners which are less intense and more sensitive. When you're applying the conditioner, letting the length and ends of your hair be the focus, rather than the roots, will also be helpful making sure it all washes out thoroughly.

Consider dry shampoo

When greasy hair is something you're consistently troubled by, consider trying dry shampoo. Dry shampoo is sprayed into the hair, where it can absorb all of the excess oil, leaving it looking clean and full of volume. As dry shampoo is designed to absorb excess oil and moisture, it can be a great choice for anyone who needs to combat greasy hair but still wants it to look as healthy and beautiful as possible.

Get a second opinion

Everyone's hair is different, and what better way to learn more about what you can do to prevent your hair from getting greasy than to ask an expert stylist for free advice? Popping into your favourite hair salon can work wonders. If you have a little chat through with a professional hairdresser, they can offer you some practical ways to help keep greasiness at bay. This can be through anything from improving the way you shampoo and condition your hair, through to suggesting healthy hair products that you can try.

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