Silver shades and killer cuts: how to nail the grey hair trend

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Gone are the days where silver shades are reserved for over 60's: 'granny chic' is making a comeback. Who knew that your grandma would be rocking a hair colour more on trend than your own? If you're looking for something a little edgier this winter, grey is the way to go-- a simple way to give your cut a new lease of life.

We must admit, silver hair takes a fair bit of maintenance, but the end result will make your hard hair work worthwhile. Healthy hair is a must for such a drastic change. As most hair will require a bit of lightening before going grey, prepare you hair with a good trim. Consult with one of our amazing professionals to see what's achievable with your hair, or how many sessions it might take to get your desired look.

So here's how to revamp your current cut with a silver colour change--this could be your hair's silver lining.

Shining silver ombre

Even if you're over ombre, try a new take on this style staple by using stunning silver shades. The great thing about ombreing is the lack of maintenance it requires. You'll be able to avoid having to dye it too often, allowing you to grow your roots out. This works well with dark, ashy roots, so that the cool tones blend in seamlessly. Make sure to pick up a silver shampoo, to keep your locks shimmery between salon visits.

For magical mermaid locks, create some cascading waves and finish with a shine-enhancing oil or serum, to make the most of your silver hair.  Kylie Jenner nailed the grey ombre look last year, but the look is still going strong and as versatile as ever.

Big up grey hair

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Lightening your hair with bleach will add texture, so if your strands are a little thin or limp, dying your hair silver will add some volume. Add some choppy layers and sea salt spray to middle parted silver hair, and embrace your inner (and now outer) rock chic.

If an edgy look isn't for you, opt for long layers and a soft voluminous blow wave to glam up your look, channeling Perrie Edwards.

Short, simple, silver  

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A blunt lob or bob will only look even sleeker in a silver hue. Think Zosia Mamet with her steel grey blunt bob.  A blunt cut suits this edgy colour, and will keep your bob looking modern.

If a drastic change is what you're after, try cutting and colouring your hair into this trendy style: part your hair on the side and sweep it back behind your ears, and use a texturizer to get that bedhead look-- equal parts stylish and effortless. Well, as effortless as silver hair can look!

Keep your grey hair looking great

If you've taken the plunge and voluntarily gone grey, here are a few tips for keeping it that way and getting the most out of your new hair!

Toner top tips

There is one thing you need to know now that you've gone grey: toners are your new best friend. Whether you're opting for a blue, purple, or straightforward grey shade , finding the right toner can completely change the look of your silver locks. Treat yourself and visit one of our salons to find out which toner will give you your desired grey shade.

Silver or purple shampoo

Much like a toner, silver or purple shampoo will keep out yellow tones that tend to peek their way through blond hair. Keep your shampoo in a little longer for more of a tint, or if you haven't been able to get to the salon in awhile.

Regular trims

As silver hues generally require bleaching, regular trips to the salon will keep your silver hair looking fresh. Healthy hair will always look and feel better, and to avoid your hair looking dry and frazzled, eliminating split ends is the key.

Conditioning treatments

Conditioning treatments are a must before you touch your hair with any bleach, and essential to maintaining healthy hair after dying. This will help prevent breakage, and keep your hair strong, moisturized, and shiny. Pop in an intense moisturizing treatment weekly, or book a deep conditioning session with your regular trim to maintain that fresh hair feeling.

Your grandparents may not understand your decision to jump the gun and dye your hair grey, but our knowledgeable stylists are on board with this winter trend. Feel free to get in touch with one of our professionals, to find a silver style which will make you stand out.

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