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Straight, curly, voluminous, sleek, shiny, protected, fixed. Regardless of what style or look you want to achieve, we all know that products are essential. For our expert stylists at The Chapel, products are a vital part of their toolbox - allowing them to enhance your hair and create styles that would never be possible without them. But with so many out there, all with different functions, it can be difficult to decide which products would be best for you and your hair. That’s why we asked our senior product expert Paul Larter to give us his favourite products and new releases that he’s looking forward to testing out!

The Basics

When we think of hair products, shampoo and conditioner are the two most obvious essentials. A good shampoo and conditioner combination provide the foundation for healthy and happy hair all year long. Of course, all hair is different and will need a slightly different selection, however, Paul has one new favourite which he highly recommends for those with severely dry and voluminous.

Redken ‘All Soft Mega’ is a great combination for those which need a shampoo and conditioner that will tame your width whilst not weighing it down. All Soft Mega will make the hair sit flatter and smoother and also add some lovely shine and movement.”

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Add Moisture and Shine

Next up is another beautifying combo which will give your locks stunning shine and a welcome injection of moisture. Shu Uerma are masters of product, always innovating and curating their craft. “Shu Uemura - Essence Absolue - Nourishing Protective Hair Oil is one of my stylist staples”, says Paul. This light yet ultra-moisturising oil also acts as a powerful protector for your hair from the elements.

Another new product which Paul and The Chapel team are particularly fond of is their new Essence Absolue Nourishing Cleansing Milk. “It’s like an intense night cream for your hair. It will moisturise and tame add shine and help manageability. We love it here - it’s like skin care for the hair!”

Taming Treatments

Although most products are great for everyday styling, treatments give you the opportunity to see the lasting effects for days or weeks on end. Hair masks are the most common hair treatment you may have come across and use on a weekly basis, however, there are also a whole host of different at-home treatments designed to cater to very specific hair needs.

 “Shu Uemura - Blow Dry Beautifier is one of my personal favourites and is great for my clients who do not have a lot of time to spend on their hair. It is a blow dry memoriser which aids blow dry time, tames and de-frizzes the hair. It is fantastic for creating more than one style with one application and instantly replenishes the hair.” Simply wash, spray, comb and rinse once a week and you’ll be left with super-smooth fuss-free hair.

Another treatment which Paul sees as a summer essential is "Kerastase’s Soleil CC Creme"- leave in beautifying cream. “This is part of the sun range which is fantastic for the warmer months and a must have for anyone that is exposing their hair to the sun regularly. For me, it has three benefits: it protects, replenishes and illuminates the hair. What’s more, it’s light and easy to use and a must for the beach.”

The Final Product

You may think that hairspray and gel are your only options when it comes to finishing your hair. However, Paul has some great recommendations which will leave your hair looking fabulous but also add texture, body and lift. “Redken - Windblown 05 Dry Sinishing Spray is one of my personal must-haves. The dry finishing spray gives the hair texture, creates life and can turn any type into a sexy textured do. This is fantastic for long hair that needs an injection of interest.”

Finally, Paul highlights a new product which is really rocking his hair world at the moment, “Kerastase - Aura Botanica Eau De Vagues is amazing. It has the same effects as a salt spray but without the dryness. It creates texture adding lift and body is amazing for all hair types. It’s particularly fantastic for curls, making them soft and bouncy. And it’s 96% natural!”

If you do try out any of these products, let us know on social. We’d love to hear your thoughts! However, we understanding that selecting products can be a long process if you want to get it right. Come and visit The Chapel, where one of our expert team would be more than happy to help you find the perfect product. Simply book in via our app or call our guest relations team in London, Sevenoaks or Tunbridge wells which will gladly accommodate you.

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