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The Essential Hair Product For Every Style

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Redken 'Pillow Proof' blows us away!

It's probably fair to say most of us have come to accept that the idea of looking fabulous first thing after waking up in the morning is a movie ideal that has nothing in common with real life - totally ignoring the dedicated ritual of lengthy 'getting ready' routines that can often consume hours between the time we open our eyes and the moment we feel ready to open the door and face the world outside.

Over the years we've lost count of the number of products claiming to let you start your day with effortlessly great looking hair - most of them haven't proved half as effective as a hot cup of coffee and a warm shower, and with all the hype out there it can sometimes be hard to keep a lid on your inner cynic.

So when a hair product finally arrives on the market that not only lives up to it's promises but actually exceeds our expectations, then here at The Chapel we're not just ready to share, we're ready to get on the roof and shout about it! So we're delighted to report that Redken's Pillow Proof Blow Dry Express Primer and a Blow Dry Two Day Extender (dry shampoo) are a pair of products braced to brighten your mornings in a very big way.

This 'Dynamic Duo' by our favourite hair care brand from NYC (where they know a thing or two about looking sassy and saving time) has the power to blow away bed-head and make the whole concept of a 'bad hair day' a distant as a fading dream.

The Redken primer protects your hair from temperatures up to 450 degrees, adds moisture and creates volume, while also cutting blow drying time in half! Meantime the dry shampoo works to extend your blowout, and best of all you use it pre-emptively, applying it before hair feels dirty and roots get oily, so that rather than waking up looking like you mopped the floor with your head last night, suddenly you really are like one of those movie starlets gently rising from your slumber with amazing hair ready to go.

After 20 years in the industry our Sevenoaks salon director, Dawn Oliver, knows the difference between the products that deliver fresh hair and those that are full of fresh air, and as a busy lady who appreciates the value of looking fab fast, we couldn't think of anyone better to road-test Redken's latest offerings; here's what she had to say.

"Hair can be its most challenging when you don't have the time to spend on it - enter Dry Shampoo, it really is the tool that everyone should have in their HELP box, its certainly in mine, and Redken Pillow Proof is the best I've found. It's seriously simple to use, just spray in Redken Pillow Proof concentrate towards your roots then through the ends (its a loose spray rather than jet so its quick and easy) then use your hair dryer as normal. I'm super low maintenance, so then its head upside down and blast the hair out, fling head back over and gently coax the hair back into place."

"The primer works on damp hair And this little gem will half your blow drying time and protect your hair from the heat from your styling tools. These super fab products will transform dull, lifeless hair into beautiful manageable 'I can cope with whatever the day brings' style."

If that wasn't a glowing enough endorsement, right now no other product is proving more popular among guest at all our salons, and if you're not sold already, here's a final word from Dawn. "This product really does deliver style and substance, so I just wanted to mention that I even love the 'in your face' pink bottle!"

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