The Importance Of Choice: The Chapel Ethos Explained

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At The Chapel, we put our guest’s experience at the forefront of everything we do. Education is a key part of their time at the salon -- we want each individual to leave feeling confident in themselves and their locks. This includes giving tailored hair care advice, recommending the bespoke products, and educating them on the realistic colour results they can expect.

Education is a critical aspect of the salon experience that many often neglect. Education allows our guests to make a choice for themselves. Once they have gathered all the information they need on their hair, they can work out whether the style, colour or overall change is right for them. This makes our guests the centre of the decision process every time they step into one of our salons.

One of our co-founder’s, Amanda Dicker, felt compelled to make choice prominent in each of our guest’s experience in The Chapel. Even though this has always been a foundation belief of Amanda’s, her passion for choice was brought to life in her own personal experience last year, highlighting the importance of it once more.

Amanda’s story

During September to December of 2017, Amanda was back and forth from different department stores and shops trying to find the perfect tinted moisturiser. Changes in the weather and in Amanda’s lifestyle and diet meant her complexion had different needs and needed a new skin care routine to match.

For months every shop assistant would tell Amanda the same thing, “This one will be just right for you!”, never fully entering a conversation on Amanda, her skin tone and routine. This meant that Amanda ended up going through quite a surprising amount of tinted moisturiser including brands like Chanel and Mac -- which works for many individuals skins but didn’t quite match up to Amanda's.

It wasn’t until she ventured into Space NK on Tunbridge Wells High Street that she was greeted with a completely different buying experience. The fabulous shop assistant Jack stopped Amanda and asked her a variety of different questions about her skin and lifestyle. This allowed Jack to give Amanda tailored advice on what moisturiser would be best suited to her skin, giving Amanda knowledge she needed to make an informed choice for herself.

Amanda says, “Jack gave me the options others didn’t. I chose the Erborian CC Creme and felt I was left in a better position than before. Jack gave me the hope that if this one didn’t work, I could come back and chat to him and he would help me choose another!”.

Luckily for Amanda, CC Creme was the right fit. Strangely, the product has completely sold out since!

Back to the salon

Amanda was inspired by this whole experience, amazed at how taking the time to listen and offer bespoke guidance gave her the choice that made her happy. Revitalised, Amanda spent the next few weeks going from each Chapel salon to another and retelling the experience. Promoting the idea that generic advice does not cut it and that is why we make time before each appointment, giving our customers 15 complementary minutes to tell our stylists about their hair.

Having inspired our stylists with her story, we asked our London team what choice mean for their guests. Here are some of our favourite quotations from the team:


“Choice stops you from boxing someone in. As a stylist, you want them to have a variety of options to really expose their personality and show off the real them.”


“Everyone should be given options -- we live in a world full of them.”


“Options can be fun. Options keep it interesting. Options show our knowledge. Options for cost, maintenance and daily wear are important.”


“We don’t want our guests to feel samey, there are always options. We want our guests to know there is always different looks they will suit more than just one style.”

Choice is ingrained deep in our work and it’s always a grounding experience when personal stories back up how important our ethos really is. If you’d like to come in for a chat about your hair and style, please visit one of our Chapel salons and speak to a stylist today for your bespoke experience.

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