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“Do what makes your heart smile” is the message our fresh and bright stylist Rose would love to pass on to each of her guests. The festival and glitter-obsessed Rose is making her mark at Tunbridge Wells as the newest recruit. We wanted to get to know Rose a little better, so we sat down with her to find out more!

Hi Rose, tell us a little more about you and your hairdressing journey!

I am originally from Kidderminster in Worcestershire. I started out on work experience at a salon at home and I fell in love with it from there. Instead of being the typical tea girl, they encouraged me to get involved and I was shampooing and blow drying before I knew it. I then moved on to becoming a Saturday girl, and from there I completed an apprenticeship.

What brought you from your hometown to Tunbridge Wells and The Chapel?

In 2015, I met my boyfriend at the Isle of Wight Festival. At the beginning of this year, we were talking about moving in with each other. My boyfriend is from Hawkhurst, which is close to Tunbridge Wells, and it just so happened that on the day we agreed to move in together, I came across The Chapel on their Instagram page. I just loved what The Chapel stood for. I made it my goal to work there and I achieved it. I started in Easter and have been loving it ever since. It was really nerve-racking packing up my life, moving out and changing jobs. But everything has felt right.

What do you think makes The Chapel unique?

The amount of time we have with our guests makes such a difference. Even on a Saturday when it is the busiest day of the week, the salon feels so chilled out as there is no pressure to get somebody out quickly. The whole process isn’t forced. The salon creates the perfect relaxed environment to work in.

How do you feel about the hairdressing industry today?

I feel like it is reaching its peak. There is a wealth of creativity out there on social media. With accounts that have millions of followers that are solely focused on sharing their images of their work, it’s great that we can get inspiration from each other online. But while this does add pressure around guests requesting unachievable hair colour jobs, it also adds a lot more fun!

Where do you get your inspiration from?

I get mine from Instagram too! I love the imperfect look. It's the personal style I go for. I take a lot of fashion and style inspiration from the festivals I go to as well. I am going to Boomtown this summer and have just purchased 60 tubs of glitter!

We’ve loved getting to know Rose and her story a little deeper. Follow her journey at Tunbridge Wells on her Instagram here. To come and visit Rose and our other stylists at The Chapel, visit our contact page.

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