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Who's Behind The Chair? Getting To Know Sarah Nash

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Be your weird, wild, wonderful self!” is the message our stylist, Sarah Nash wishes to pass onto the world! When Sarah isn’t immersed in her work at our Tunbridge Wells salon, you can find her practising Kundalini yoga, pilates or face down in a gruesome horror novel. Sarah has been part of our Tunbridge team for 9 years, and we wanted to share with you just how great she is. So, who is really behind the chair? Read on to find out.

How did you get into hairdressing?

It was a bit of an accident. I originally wanted to be a makeup artist but back then, you couldn’t just choose to do makeup on its own, you had to do beauty as well. So I decided to do hair first, then afterwards I’d move on to beauty and makeup. I began as a Saturday girl and then it took off from there, although I did have a break after eight years!

What interests you most about hairdressing?

I have always been fascinated with colour. I did a colour degree with my old salon. I love cutting as well. The process of doing the whole colour job, cutting and styling really interest me - I like seeing it through to the end.

How did you discover The Chapel?

I had heard about the brand through hair competitions and awards. Then I moved closer to Tunbridge Wells and after commuting to a salon further away for a while, I was keen for somewhere closer to home, especially since I’d just had my son. A work-life balance is extremely important to me and The Chapel wants all of its employees to have that balance.

What do you think makes The Chapel different?

In other salons, I felt I didn’t have a work-life balance. It was all blood and guts and a lot of pressure. I can still be a career woman and mum at the same time here. The Chapel focuses on the whole experience of the guests. It is not a financial game like in some other salons. I feel as though The Chapel is a safe haven for our guests in the industry.

How have you seen this reflected in your guests’ experience?

There are so many of our guests who have medical issues and visit the salon post-chemotherapy. Many of our guests have family struggles and other problems in their life that can get on top of them at times. We see women coming in crying about being down and then we send them home crying because they feel so good. That is the best part of the job for me. Although the experience is about the hair, it’s more about making people feel that much different. Everyone’s lives are different, but that moment they are with you in the salon can be a chance to make them feel amazing.

How do you feel hairdressing has progressed?

The professionalism in hairdressing has come along massively. Also, the evolution of colours and equipment is incredible. It is now so much easier to walk around with salon-looking hair. With the free hand colour techniques, we have today, we don’t need to see our guests as regularly as when we used less modern methods of colouring.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

I get my inspiration from conversations with each of my guests. Having a deep understanding of what each guest does outside of the salon is important to me: What is their job? What do they do to socialise? Do they exercise? This allows me to picture three different looks: work, rest, and play. Looking at celebrities and social media for inspiration is quite commercial, and there is still a huge amount of pressure on women in the beauty industry. It’s not about conforming to society’s view of what a woman is. Be quirky, embrace it and go with it.

To give Sarah her next burst of hair inspiration, book appointment with her at our Tunbridge Wells salon by contacting our Guest Relations team here.

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