Why Did We Turn The Old Trinity Church Into A Hair Salon?

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“You won’t see product shelves and adverts trying to sell you things, we want you to feel amazing as who you are. I’m keeping hold of my brand values, what’s kept us successful, this wonderful building. As a team, we’re really trying to ooze this out”

‘The Why’ Began 21 Years Ago

To understand our mindset and fully get ‘the why’, we need a super-quick recap of why we felt the overwhelming need to reinvent the hairdressing experience 21 years ago. In 1997 having returned from her travels, our co-founder Amanda was working in a local wine bar, she noticed that when women described their hairdressing experiences they always expressed the numerous things they hated first before listing the only few they liked…

“At that time there was only one way of hairdressing; shoulder-to-shoulder seating without any personal space, confusing price lists that seemed to stack up throughout the appointment, from limited services that weren’t tailored to your identity and needs. Having your foils left in whilst being sat in the salon window, being passed between multiple stylists and juniors and so on.”

Amanda continues;

“I needed to create a hair salon that worked differently, that couldn’t possibly allow these criticisms to exist, but more importantly a salon that instead made women and men feel amazing. I had my eureka moment when I realised that in the relaxed setting of a wine bar people opened up and a proper two-way hair conversation helped me enormously to understand how they wanted to feel. Together we would then find the right hairstyle and colour that represented their true identity and gave them the feeling they’d always wanted. The Chapel Tunbridge Wells was born” (‘No.9 Colour & Style’ before 2001!)

The 5-Year Search

Our hunt took 5 years of endlessly searching through buildings hoping to find that intangible feeling we were looking for.

Getting the right setting for our salon is crucial to creating that special environment that makes us different. That is why sometimes our search last for years. We want to be sure we find the perfect building.

The hunt for the next unique building has many requirements: it has to be spacious yet still cosseting to unwind in, it has to have space for a separate educational colour studio and room for relaxed conversations on sofas separate to the cutting floor.

But most importantly the building needs to make you feel at home and welcome straight away. Many buildings could have accommodated the space we need but they did not provide the right feel and atmosphere we were intent on searching for.

The Old Trinity Church, Marlow

“This is a place where like-minded people gather to feel good and to make others feel great.”

Our search ended when we stepped foot within The Old Trinity Church. It’s completely awe-inspiring to this day, it has warmth, the obvious sense of community and so the importance of respecting and preserving its heritage has been paramount. We’re using very soft and neutral colours but with our largest focus on the building still using ambient, soft lighting.

Amanda assures “We haven’t chosen it because it’s grand, what we do as a team we can do anywhere, we chose it because of the peacefulness and tranquillity. It’s not going to be a showcase of how beautiful we can make an interior. We’re going to grow into it, into the building space as our team and the community evolves together over time.”

Neighbours, passers-by, locals? Say Hello!

We want to welcome you in, even just for a conversation, for you to really feel the building first, then understand The Chapel.

Want to take a tour or ask the team any questions?

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