Cindy Roberts

"Hilarious, caring and chatty."

Cindy Roberts

There are so many things that drew me to The Chapel, so many things that I love and want to share with my guests. I want to give them the chance to be heard by a hairstylist...actually heard, while building an open and honest relationship where we can evolve together.

I want every guest I see, to always feel in love with their hair and to always look forward to their next visit.
Being at The Chapel gives me so much pride not only because of the beautiful space we have and consider our home, but because of the amazing ethos we have. Every experience is tailored to you as an individual and the time you give me is all about you, to evolve on our ever changing journey.
I love to see the visible shift from when you walk in and the smile you wear when you leave. My biggest belief is, it isn't just about amazing hair, it's the feeling that amazing hair gives you!


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