Fern Bowler

"Confident, strong, fun, colourful and chatty."

Fern Bowler

I’m a Chapel stylist because I believe giving TIME is one of the most important gifts you can give to everyone in life.

Time for people to feel heard, engaged with and understand exactly how individuals want to feel.. not just “look”. Time to really get to know my guests for who they are and help them discover new parts of themselves through our journey together.
What I give to my guests is a feeling of comfort, as if I’m someone they’ve always known.

My energy is a fun and safe space to relax, where you can feel confident to ask for anything, knowing it will be tailored personally and leave feeling refreshed. Our role isn’t seen as “just hairdressers” anymore.. we create identity and confidence.. and as a Chapel stylist, I proudly hold that responsibility in my hands.