Emmylou Treadwell
£70/hr Stylist @ Islington

Emmylou Treadwell

“I love troubleshooting hair! My passion is creating cuts and colours that you love and are easy to maintain with your lifestyle.”

Throughout the 8+ years that I’ve been on the salon floor, I’ve never stopped getting that fizz of satisfaction, when together with a guest, we find the perfect style for them.

Whether it’s enhancing a beautiful natural colour subtly, completely transforming with a bold, new colour or giving a trusty favourite cut a new twist, I always like to be honest about what’s possible and prioritise your hair health to ensure we keep a strong canvas!

I’ll always welcome you in for a conversation before any appointment and a word of warning, if you enjoy talking about dogs or food we may need longer than originally planned!

  • Cut & Finish
  • Cut & Colour
  • Colour Only
  • Blowdry
  • Gent's Cut & Finish
  • Free Conversation for any of the above.

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