Sean Dawson

"Passionate, focused and inspiring."

Sean Dawson

Sean's passion is creating bespoke looks that suit his guest's lifestyle as well as their face shape and bone structure. A haircut & colour should never just solely be about how someone looks but also how they feel.

"I always say that a great haircut and colour need to tick 4 boxes to give that ‘Wow’ effect - It needs to be suitable, not just to your face shape, skin tone and bone structure, but also to your lifestyle and how much time you have to spend recreating it. It needs to be well-executed, and that’s my job, it also needs to be fashionable but not always trend-driven and most of all it needs to be beautiful! Achieving those four elements is the difference between someone saying “I love your hair” and “Wow! I love your hair!”."

"Understanding a guest's individual personality during a conversation allows me to develop beautiful, wearable hair that they can maintain themselves in between appointments with little or no effort."


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