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Dawn Oliver
£100/hr Salon Director @ Sevenoaks

Dawn Oliver

“We have created our unique salon environment simply by listening to our guests, then answering their needs.”

Few of our team have dedicated themselves to continually improving our guest’s salon experience for as long, or with so much consistent enthusiasm, as our Sevenoaks director Dawn Oliver. Experienced, talented and above all trusted both by her team and her scores of loyal guests, Dawn is The Chapel’s poster-girl in every respect.

“I’ve enjoyed a career spanning over 20 years in the most amazing industry, and I’ve spent each day since joining The Chapel working with a team of truly special people who never cease to amaze me with their energy, empathy and creative talent. Hairdressing never just involves hair; its about understanding people, their lifestyles, job, family; these are all important practicalities to consider before deciding how best to approach any individual style.”

“A huge part of that understanding simply comes from empathy – my team work hard, so even though we’re always in a salon environment we really don’t get our hair done all the time - and we really do have our own ‘bad hair days’! So we sympathise and understand the frustrations associated with hair, but we also have the skills to provide you with practical, imaginative solutions to them. In the course of finding these we’ve created amazing new and different ways of working. Many of these practices have broken the mould within the industry, yet they’ve all evolved from the simple act of taking time to talk to our guests, listening, then responding to their needs.”

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