Simone Pattison

"Kind, Talented, Confident, Approachable."

Simone Pattison

My passion for being a stylist has brought me to The Chapel family. A place where we make the whole experience about you, the guest. Going to a salon isn’t just about getting your “hair done”. It is about making you feel special, as everyone needs to feel special!
With my kind, professional and friendly approach; I love to listen to your ideas and how you want your experience to make YOU feel. After our initial conversation, I like to get to know your character and make you feel like you are on the pedestal.  By doing this, we can then create your ultimate look, so when friends and family see you, they say “OMG, you look stunning”.

I am lucky to spend every day being creative and making others feel amazing about themselves. I am a great listener, who takes time to understand my guests' wishes. As a hair artist, I’m striving for perfection every time, success is when I see my guests smile.
Everyone needs a bit of sparkle in their lives, I am here to do just that!


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