Wayne Bonner

"Be you, the world will adjust."

Wayne Bonner

Working in the hair industry for many years I ask myself “is this what I was meant to be doing? Do I love it as much as I thought?” And the answer has always been yes!

I’ve tried to picture myself doing something else but I get too much pleasure in making people feel like a more polished put together version of themselves. Whether it’s just a trim or an overhaul, it makes a big difference to how they feel, and when they leave the salon happy, then that makes me happy.

I’ve always enjoyed cutting, colouring and the occasional hair up but the last couple years I’ve fallen in love with styling hair. Whether it’s something simple or working on a photo shoot, I get a real buzz out of styling someone’s hair to add to their look.

When I’m not at work or in the car, I’m online searching for inspiration and ways to educate myself so that I can always deliver more to my guests.


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