Our latest update regarding Coronavirus

Thank you for your kindness, patience, and support throughout this time - we couldn’t be more excited to reopen on the 4th of July!

We please ask that you take a moment to become familiar with the essential changes, new guidelines and see how to book by clicking here.

We cannot wait to look after you and help you feel more you.

Alex Hall
Guest Relations @ Tunbridge Wells

Alex Hall

“The Chapel is a unique, amazing space full of amazing professionals”

Some people love going to work each day because of the new people they get to meet, some because of the people they work with, while others are inspired by their physical surroundings.

Yet as a valued member of our guest relations team, Alex considers himself truly fortunate to be able to tick all three of the above boxes on a daily basis.

“Not only is our flagship Tunbridge Wells salon in an awe inspiring building, converted from an 18th century Baptist chapel, which in itself exudes tranquillity, it also contains an amazing team of creative and inspirational professionals with a combined wealth of experience,” Alex explains, “and on top of that, it’s my job to welcome our diverse range guests as soon as they set foot in this amazing space, which is a role I find continually gratifying and exciting.”

“The atmosphere here always seems charged with a special type of calm positivity that I love walking into, and it never fails to inspire me. I want to share this unique feeling with every guest I welcome and my goal is to enhance their experience by exceeding their expectations.”

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