Elsie Griffin

"Caring, confident, considerate, chilled... coffee!"

Elsie Griffin

A rubik’s cube has six different sides, each side equal to its own, being a different colour to the other five. No matter how many times you twist and turn the pieces, no side will be the same.

I feel I’m like the rubik's cube with different sides to me too.

Blue - represents the trust and loyalty I build with my guests.
Orange - represents the fun and creativity I bring to my work.
Red - represents the excitement and energy I have for my craft.
Green - represents the kindness and dependability I bring to The Chapel.
Yellow - represents the opportunity to bring positivity to my guests.
White - represents the freshness and hope I bring to my day.

I know we all have a rubiks cube within us. Let me help you find your perfect side, whatever mix that may be.


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