Ian Hampson

"Straight to the point, considering and caring, Loves to travel"

Ian Hampson

Choices, Chances, Changes.
“You must make a choice to take a chance, or your life with never change"
(The Three C's of Life - Zig Ziglar)

My favourite song from the Greatest Showman - “This Is Me”, defines who I am as a person.

We are all individuals and have our own aspirations.


Dare to be different?
Don't want to follow the crowd?
So make that Choice. Take that Chance. Visit me and let me show you who you are. I will listen and help you get the best out of your hair.

I am meticulous and take pride in showing attention to detail. We can never attain perfection but we can try to do so at every opportunity. I will invest my time in getting to know you, your needs and how you would like to see yourself.
I look forward to meeting you soon.


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