Lorraine Magrath
Guest Relations @ Tunbridge Wells

Lorraine Magrath

“The Chapel has become a special part of my life – I want all our guests to feel the same way.”

We’ve been truly privileged to have gained a host of devoted regulars, admirers and advocates over the years, but it’s fair to say few have been as loyal or as dedicated for such a length of time as Lorraine, and none with the same unique perspective of being both a valued team member, and an equally valued regular guest before that.

“The Chapel has become a special part of my life, and I noticed the difference between this salon and all the others I had visited as soon as I first came here as a guest. Having also been a hairdresser myself, I immediately appreciated the concept, the special blend of experienced professionals, amazing 5-star service, tranquil and luxurious surroundings, and the daily attention to detail that’s always the vital component for creating a wonderful experience.

Time is so precious, and to spend it well here at The Chapel is a special treat. That’s something I always felt here as a returning guest, and I’m so determined to share that experience with as many others as possible that, as you can see, I actually joined the team!

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