Pietro Brugnone
£70/hr Stylist @ Tunbridge Wells

Pietro Brugnone

“I love to create styles with real shape, with many layers and movement! I love working with my guests to find out what they’re about and then infusing my signature style to give them that ‘walking taller’ feeling!”

Pietro is a superbly gifted cutting specialist of over 25 years, favouring cuts & blowdries, hair up and barbering but for Pietro, his take on hairdressing is much more than the quality of the cut itself.

He’s famous for his sensational, extended massage techniques of the whole head, which he’s gained a fan club for! If you’d like to unwind even further with one of these extended massages, remember to request a little extra time when booking (it’s worth it!).

Pietro also has a special talent in not only helping guests take the courageous step for a style change they’ve wanted but in elevating their hairstyle to a level they hadn’t dreamed of.

This is Pietro’s absolute sweet spot; our new guests approaching us looking for a big change and hair inspiration, we recommend Pietro straight away. He’s not just a one-trick-pony for big changes though, so whatever current hair ideas or tiny changes you have in mind, that’s what our complimentary, relaxed 15-minute conversations beforehand are for.

Pietro’s passion for not just hairdressing but life is infectious “I love the energy that you get from amazing sunshine, and so when we have our English weather I look to my work for my sunshine! And that’s where I get it!” he continues “We’re not going to talk about Covid, no-no, we’re going to celebrate your hair!”

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