Sarah Nash
£90/hr Stylist @ Tunbridge Wells

Sarah Nash

“Every guest is different and I always really enjoy the process of working with them to be who they want to be and encouraging them to feel how they want to feel. When someone builds their own sense of style it becomes empowering.”

Sarah’s career in hairdressing spans over 23 years with the last 10 years truly evolving The Chapel experience and herself along the way.

“Working in the unique environment of The Chapel allows me the time and space to get to know each person; as professionals, we have complete freedom to develop a special relationship with our guests. Rather than offering standardised stereotypes, we help build a personalised look.”

“It’s why I love being a hairstylist, it’s such a pleasure to help people be the best version of themselves. A heartfelt joy for me is also being able to offer a vast array of innovative style solutions for guests with hair as curly as my own!”

We’re thrilled to have Sarah’s involvement in the induction training for new team members, nurturing and encouraging stylists to work in our exclusive way and be the best they can be.

Medical Hair Loss - My New Hair

“Recently, a particular satisfaction for me is providing support and advice for medical hair loss. I have trained under Trevor Sorbie’s ‘my new hair’ programme. The training is nurse-led and features wig advice and cutting.”

"Whether you’re sure of what you want, looking for inspiration or somewhere in the middle, I’ll always welcome you to come in for a relaxed conversation."

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