Scott Perkins
£100/hr Stylist @ Tunbridge Wells

Scott Perkins

“I’ll make your best features even better – then you’ll look amazing!”

At The Chapel our experts don’t simply work to professional standards, they live their careers through a personal code that inspires them to provide the very best levels of service and experience to each guest. As one of The Chapel’s longest serving and most experience stylists Scott is a perfect case in point.

“If you feel good, then I feel good – and that’s the reason I became a hairstylist,” explains Scott with elegant simplicity.

Nevertheless this straightforward philosophy has helped Scott nail major photo-shoots for L’Oreal, not to mention delighting a host of new and regular guests on a daily basis.

“I became a hairdresser to style people and quickly realised that what I really love about my job was providing a service built around sharing my expertise and advice with guests. I work to bring out the very best in each individual by styling to enhance their face shape and accentuating their best features. My approach is all about elegance and subtlety, which is why I’m a big fan of applying colour to create naturally refined, flowing results – so if you’re after a full head of highlights I’m probably not your man!”

“To consistently refine, improve and perform to the best of my abilities I need to be in the right surroundings, and surrounded by the right people - that’s why I’m delighted to have a been a member of The Chapel team from the very start!”

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