Scott Perkins

"Naughty, intuitive, gracious, funny, mischievous, integrated."

Scott Perkins

I am a Chapel Stylist and during my time I have continued to learn about myself, both in terms of my character and practical skill.

"The Chapel provides me with an environment where there is always room to grow and a central culture to support that. I have only ever worked for two companies throughout my career and I think that's because rather than expect the company I work for to constantly bring the change, I do.

You can expect my interest, my ideas, and my immediate impression, with your comfort and the longevity of what I produce to always be at the forefront of what I do, with honesty and integrity.

I don't have a favourite thing that I like to do and I'm not a specialist, the enjoyment of what I do comes directly from the blend of all my skills. This has always been what I love about hairdressing."


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