Symon May
£80/hr Colour Specialist @ Tunbridge Wells

Symon May

“I deliver the full spectrum of amazing hair colour.”

As one of our most popular and experienced colourists the only thing that’s black and white about Symon’s professional life here at The Chapel is his absolute dedication to hair colour.

Before becoming a valued member of our Tunbridge Wells team, Symon honed his skills with major names from L’Oreal to Vidal Sassoon and even took the opportunity to become an art team teacher, engaging other budding hair colourists with his enthusiasm and knowledge. So whether you're looking for colour that subtly enhances your hair’s natural tones or a streak of shocking pink, Symon is undoubtedly your man.

“Hair colour is my thing. I love it.” Symon declares. “After all, what other jobs could involve art, fashion, science and problem-solving, all wrapped up in a daily dose of laughter?”

“I believe that root of great hair colour is good advice, which is why I’m always ready to discuss every possible option with each of our guests. So if you feel like you need fresh colour but you don’t know where to start, begin by coming to see me!”

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