6 cuts that leave the fringe in 2016

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6 cuts that leave the fringe in 2016

30 Dec 2016

Ditching your fringe can seem like a daunting prospect and a bold move - it frames our face, hides those unruly brows and frown lines, and almost seems like a comfort blanket. Growing it out however, and going fringeless, isn't something to be scared of. Many of the most popular haircuts and styles at the moment don't actually involve a fringe, so if you've been thinking about making the change, now is an ideal time to do it. We've put together a list of our six favourite fringeless cuts to get you inspired; check it out and talk to your stylist - there's definitely a fringeless cut that's right for you.

Textured Lob

The textured long bob, complete with balayage (the art of hand painting different tones and highlights onto the hair for a natural sun-kissed look) is one of the most popular looks of 2016 and it isn't going anywhere. Everyone from Khloe Kardashian to Cate Blanchett and PLL's Lucy Hale have been sporting it, so it suits all ages and lifestyles; it's just as at home with a pair of jeans as it is with an evening dress or business suit.

The textured lob definitely looks best without a fringe and is an easy style to maintain - ideally the look is slightly messy so all you really need is a bit of texturising spray. Choosing balayage as your colour method means less trips to the salon too, as it grows out looking a lot more natural, without any obvious roots. This is a style to really show you are up-to-date with the trends.

Sleek Bob

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Going shorter than the lob, the sleek fringeless bob is another style that looks good on almost everyone, regardless of their face shape, age or fashion style. If you don't have much structure to your jawline, a bob will help strengthen this, and altering things like your parting will allow your stylist to make this cut flatter your face.

Whilst this cut will require more regular trips to the salon to keep it looking neat and blunt, if you already have straight hair, the day-to-day styling of it is easy, with just a straighten in the morning to get it back to looking salon worthy. If your hair is naturally curly, this look could be hard to achieve, and maintain, throughout the day.

Forget the Posh Spice connotations, this look is now all about the likes of Rita Ora and Star Wars' Daisy Ridley.

The Feathered Midi Cut

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This very classic look frames the face wonderfully with its light, feathered layers that fall onto the face. If you have very thick hair, this is a great way to thin it out and give it more shape and if you have very thin, limp hair, a feathered cut will give it structure. Keeping it at a midi length looks fantastic with feathering and it's a style that suits all face shapes: for example, it has a natural slimming effect on fuller faces.

You would need to take some time each morning to blow dry your hair with this cut, but you could also do something different and flick the feathered sections out with some straighteners. Whichever way you wear this cut, it's a sophisticated look that's suitable for every environment and personal style.

Long, Straight & Slicked Back

If you want to keep real length to your hair, the way of the season is to wear it slicked back wet-style à la Gigi Hadid. This is definitely a daring look, but the cut itself is very versatile and can be worn in more mature ways - think Gwyneth Paltrow - with a middle parting and looking a bit undone.

The slicked back look is a great way to had an edgier contrast to a dressy evening gown or to masculinise a suit even further, but when you aren't getting creative with the hair gel, it's a simple cut that can be worn in hundreds of different ways - including an on-trend sleek ponytail. It suits everyone and every fashion style, doesn't take a lot of maintenance and you can literally just pull it back and go, if you want to.

The Pixie Hawk

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Going as short as a pixie cut suits faces with strong jawlines and cheekbones. It has a young feel to it, although celebrities such as Jamie Lee Curtis wear it well. The Pixie Hawk is one of the hot ways to style a pixie cut and requires leaving some length on the top to create your Mohawk with, but keeping the sides ultra-short.

It's an edgy, grungy look, but if your style is quirky or experimental -- you don't work in too corporate an environment -- you could definitely rock this. You would need to take some time each morning to style this with products that are going to keep it in place, as well as make more frequent trips to the salon to keep it looking groomed.

Halo Curls

If you have naturally very curly hair, this is a style for you. These full curls, that go round your whole head (like a halo), can be done in so many different ways, but this particular look is a great one for Black hair or those with tight perm-like curls, as it's easy to maintain and looks great on all face shapes -- think Beyonce and Rihanna. You could achieve this on straight hair by curling it daily with a chopstick iron, but it would be a lengthy and laborious process.

This style would suit under 40s best as it has quite a youthful and carefree feel to it. Curly hair like this makes a statement, but it suits all fashion styles and can be tamed or tied back for more formal or sombre occasions.

If you feel like starting the New Year with a change, that perhaps involves leaving your fringe in 2016, your stylist can talk you through which cut and style would suit you best. Or if you want more inspiration for a new style, have a look around our blog.

Special thanks to @ree.bex for letting us use her photo for our title image.