6 ways the bun is back but not in the ways you think

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6 ways the bun is back but not in the ways you think

03 Feb 2016

The bun has been a hair style staple for decades. It's classic, sleek, and simple: the ultimate utilitarian style for keeping hair out of your face. Encapsulated by the image of the classical ballerina, her tightly gathered strands secured snugly and safely in place as she pirouettes.

Now as 2016 unfurls buns and topknots are gathering fresh fashion momentum, with even guys jumping on the bun bandwagon. This time it's all about achieving a looser, scraped-together, and casual look. At the forefront of this new aesthetic is the humble half-bun, now re-dubbed the 'hun', spotted on long haired beauties such as Hilary Duff, Margot Robbie, and Jennifer Lopez.

Meanwhile tangled topknots (a style not a million miles away) already look like they're becoming 2016's award season go-to style. Equally favoured by the fresh-faced Zendaya and Kendall Jenner, and also picked to complement the more mature killer cheekbones of Julianne Moore and glamorous Gwen Stefani.

Getting loose

There's nothing uptight about the buns of the moment - they're letting their hair down. Right now, it's all about leaving a few wisps of hair free to frame the face, creating that 'just put together' vibe. This was perfectly illustrated by the flawless models who sauntered down Etro and Rag & Bones SS/16 runways. This really isn't just laziness, rather it's about creating a softer more flowing, bohemian feel. These looks are the exact opposite of super-rigid traditional ballerina buns. They're designed to work in harmony with soft floral prints: perfect preparation for spring and summer. So here are three lovely loose buns to try your hand at.

The barrel bun

As seen displayed on the Etro catwalk, this look is for those of you with curly tresses. Take your run your fingers through softly curled hair, for some added texture. Next hand-gather just above the ears and loosely spin towards the head. Use your thumb to push through the centre, leaving a few inches casually sticking out below, before securing with a couple of pins.

A bun of two parts

Taut yet messy buns, is the other way to go with this look: as proved on the Rag & Bone runway. Leave long strands free from your fringe to frame the face. Combine with hand blow-dried, pre-thickened hair, and use your fingers to comb into messy side parting. Take all of the hair and tightly pull back to twist into a bun behind the ears. As the bun can be any size you want, this look will work just as well for shorter lengths as shoulder-length hair.

The 'hun'

The half-bun takes the loose look to its furthest extreme, and it couldn't be simpler to achieve. Firstly create some rough texture by vigorously ruffling hair all over with your fingertips. Then gather a top layer of hair into an inverted V-shape. Run both hands from your ears to your crown, and pull into a ponytail. Arrange the ponytail in a loose circle, secure the top of the ungathered falling layer of hair with a few kirby grips, and the style is complete. The perfect look for ladies who don't like to go for whole head up do's, but want to brave a bun.

Topknot tips

For those of you that are bored of the bun, a topknot could be a top-notch option for you. Bun styles usually require all the hair from the fringe line back to be gathered together, but topknots only work with hair gathered from the top of the head, leaving hair lower at the sides and back free. They create exactly the kind of looseness that's being embraced right now, but with a slight quirky twist. We've got three styles, that are sure to become top of your list of go to hair styles  

Fabulous faux fringe

Always on point, Rita Ora gave us a fab twist (literally) on the topknot. She created a dramatic extra dimension by winding her straight-cut shoulder-length hair up, and flipping the final four inches forward to create a temporary feathered fringe. She delivers the perfect, imaginative example of how to work topknots, creating a cool contemporary style.

Going loopy

The perfect 'done on the run' updo, this can be achieved in seconds and delivers instant casual elegance. Simply rake the hair upwards from just above the ears, using your fingers and gather into a ponytail. Next grab a hair tie and form a large loop by securing near the end of your pony, rather than pulling all the way through. Tease out roughly to form a faux bun. A look so easy you can do it on the move.

Time to get short

This cute little topknot is especially for those with short hair (cut to around the jawline rather than cropped). For this style, gather only the section of hair between the temples and the crown and secure with a hair elastic. Twist over and work hair through twice more to form a casual front knot, framed by hair still falling at the back and sides.

We hope you enjoy these easy styles that have inspired you to be bold with your buns--because in 2016 the bun is back and it's casual, loose, and fun. Still not sure your bun skills are up to scratch, or want a good cut to make sure your styling is seamless? Get in contact with one of stylists today.

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