8 of the most fabulous hair colour trends of 2017

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8 of the most fabulous hair colour trends of 2017

21 Dec 2017

Image credit: Coralage by Symon May, The Chapel

Whether you’re asking yourself how this year has flown by so quickly or not, it is now the perfect time to sit back and reflect upon 2017. This year has been once again a spectacular year for the hair industry, especially in regards to hair colour trends.

With each week inviting new and exciting colourful experiments, it’s fair to say that colour trends have been taken to a whole new level. Hairdressers and stylists alike have been working overtime bringing us fresh colour trends what feels like every day on social media.

We celebrate your individuality at The Chapel, which is why we always recommend that you chat through with your expert stylist about yourself, your favourite parts of particular trends and more, to make sure that your bespoke style really suits you.

So before 2018 comes to greet us with many more fabulous colour innovations, we’re going to take a look back at some of our favourite hair colour trends of 2017.

Many of these looks will have taken multiple visits and a progressive journey to attain the final look, so if you see something that takes your fancy, bring in a photo and have a chat with our stylists.

Holographic Highlight

The holographic hair trend gave the hair industry a futuristic edge this year. Created at the Ross Michaels Salon in Seattle Washington, your locks are transformed into a reflective surface like a CD. With hues of blues, purples and greens, this hair trend provides a shine like no other. To achieve this colourful mane you’ll need to start with a blonde base which can be achieved by using Olaplex. After this, it is streaked with different Pravana dyes in violet, lavender and blue to create a rainbow of silver and pastels.

A Rose Gold Romance

The hair world was shaken by the romance between our hair and this precious metal shade when it blew up our Instagrams this year! Celebrities like Sienna Miller and Emma Roberts were quick to adopt the rose gold look. One of the reasons why this made it into our favourites, is the possibilities for adapting elements of the look are endless!

You can go for an all-over colour, ombre the ends or have highlights of rose gold. If you are blonde, going rose gold is just a tonal change but brunettes need to put a little more work in. Hair will need to be bleached first and the lighter you go the more vibrant the rose gold will be.


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Balayage is a French word which means to sweep or paint. The technique appeared in the exclusive Carita salon in Paris in the 1970s but certainly got a lot of attention online this year. This freehand colouring technique gives your hair a natural look with no harsh regrowth lines so the colour looks beautiful and blended. Within the last couple of years, it has become one of the most requested techniques thanks to celebrity fans like Olivia Palermo and Jennifer Lopez. With countless variations of this technique, we’re excited about where it will evolve to next. 


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Our own secret formula created this fiery trend, and we are over the moon that it was recognised throughout the hair industry. Symon from our Tunbridge Wells salon used a combination of coral and rose tones Redken show-stopping City Beats colours. Check out Creative Head’s coverage of the look. 

Copper Hair

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Copper hair is one of our very own colour creations of 2017. This sunset colour dream was created by The Chapel’s Colour Expert Dean Mccarthy. A fierce mixture of warm orange and copper tones forms this fabulous look. The look compliments both warm and cool skin tones so everyone can get involved. Copper hair is created by using a combination of Redken’s reds making this the ultimate shade to break into any season bolder and brighter than before. 

The Balancing Bronde

Bronde hair has to be one of this year’s most wearable trends. Not quite blonde but not quite brunette, this looks sits flatteringly in between. Bronde allows you to achieve a bespoke colour that adjusts and compliments the depth of your shades - whether you’re naturally lighter or darker. The key to getting it right is by having a lot of your natural base colour showing through. You can then enhance your features with subtle shimmers of a lighter shade.

Annealing Metallics

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Another experiment-gone-right by our Symon May, this time a more creative approach to metals. He looked at how metals react when heated, “I saw that people had accepted metal as part of their everyday hair-wardrobe but wanted to take it one step further. Annealing, the process of heating metal encapsulated everything I wanted to create. I became interested in this process and the colours that metal releases under the stress of heat/flame - as in life, often our brightest colours show faced with stress.”. Check out the full article here by Creative Head.

Mermaid Blue

If you have been within an inch of Instagram over the past 12 months you’re probably familiar with the mermaid hair trend. This trend has boldly owned the hair trend space providing us with a whole host of mystical options. The Chapel’s Colour Special Jamie Medlin created his own mermaid masterpiece with pastel greens, dark blues and purples. This look can be achieved with the balayage technique blending different shades together.

All of these fabulous looks take time and expertise. Come into one of our salons where you can work together with one of our stylists to create the colour look of your dreams. If you’re after more hair colour and trend inspiration then make sure you check out the rest of our blog here.

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