How often should you trim your hair?

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How often should you trim your hair?

21 Aug 2019

It can be difficult to know how often to cut your hair, especially as it is a practice that can help your hair maintain long-term health.

Of course, different hair requires different treatments. Not all hair grows at the same length, nor does it obtain the same degree of thickness. However, there are some rules and guidelines that you should follow to achieve the haircut of your dreams time and time again.

Does trimming your hair make it grow faster?

A well-known urban myth states that if you cut your hair regularly, it will grow faster. However, there is evidence to state that this isn't true. While getting your hair cut doesn't make your hair grow quickly on its own, it will help to prevent additional breakage, so it is still worth doing.

But what else will help your hair to grow in a manner that is more healthy?

Short hair

Of course, the main consideration for people with short hair is whether or not they want their hair to remain short. If you are happy with your particular style, then it may be worth getting a trim every four to six weeks. Hair growth is always far more obvious on those of us with short hair, so it pays to be diligent.

If, however, you are looking for something new and want to grow your hair longer, then you can wait for a number of months before going in for a makeover.

Medium to long hair

Did you know that the longer your hair is, the more fragile it tends to be? It, therefore, makes sense not only to take care of your hair pre- and post-cut via shampooing and conditioning (though no more than once per day), but also to get it trimmed at an appropriate hair salon at regular intervals. Generally, you should be getting your hair cut every six weeks or so to maintain length and to ensure minimal damage.

Hair that is treated chemically

As soon as you start treating your hair with chemicals, it becomes more fragile. This has been well established, and it makes a lot of sense; chemicals are, by their very nature, corrosive. If you want to keep your chemically-treated hair in good condition, you will not only have to take a lot of time and care with it when you are at home, but you will also have to get it cut regularly.

If you want to keep your hair dyed, then it is probably worth getting it trimmed every three or four weeks. If, however, you are wanting to grow your hair out then perhaps get it cut every eight weeks or so, but you must be willing for your hair to end up much shorter than it was previously!

There we have it, a guide that should hopefully help answer the question, but for more tailored advice to your exact hair type and style, we'll always invite you in, even if just for a coffee and a chat, to help with anything we can across any of our 5 UK salons.