How often should you get your hair cut?

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How often should you get your hair cut?

18 Jul 2019

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Although a haircut is a moment to truly enjoy some 'me' time, some people refrain from cutting their hair because they don't think it's 'due'. Unless they have a specific style to keep on top of, many of us think we can squeeze out a few more weeks from our current look. Other people avoid having their hair cut for fear of what friends, family or partners will say. And then there are those who have never fully considered the benefits of what a haircut can bring. In this article, we discuss how often to get a hair cut, what type of hair needs cutting more often, and how to achieve those all-important hair goals.

Here's how often to get your hair cut

On average, the rate at which hair grows is half an inch every month. Of course, this varies, and some people's hair may grow faster than this. While there are no fixed intervals at which to have a haircut, many people prefer to have their hair cut every six to ten weeks. However, this will depend on other factors which we'll run through below...

Hairstyles & hair goals

Many of us have goals for our hair: for some, it is to grow it long, healthy and bouncing; for others, it's a short and neat, practical crop.

If you're trying to grow your hair long, it makes sense to let it grow (it's a myth that cutting it encourages a growth spurt). But trimming off even just a quarter of an inch every 12 weeks will help it stay glossy, shiny and healthy, cutting away split ends before they can spread. Removing damaged ends is also important if you're a fan of using heat to style your hair - then you'll want to get the ends trimmed every six to eight weeks.

If you want to keep your short do tidy, such as a cute pixie cut, then you may find that it needs to be cut as often as every four weeks (six weeks for those with longer bobs) to prevent it from growing out and ensure you keep that freshly cut edge.

If you're currently sporting a fringe, then you will find you need a maintenance trim at least every four weeks to keep it symmetrical and out of your eyes. Even if you intend to grow out your fringe, a stylist can help shape it so that it falls more evenly into the rest of your hair.

Those with layered hair may also find their look starts to lose its shape after around eight weeks; and again, even if you're looking to grow this out, a cut every 12 weeks should help your stylist even out those lengths.

If you have your hair coloured, then time a trim for when you go to have your roots retouched, ideally around six to eight weeks.

Hair type

You may not have considered it before, but your hair type can actually dictate how often you should get a haircut.

If you've got tight curly hair, you can get away with visits to the salon every 12 weeks. If your style is looser you might want to keep it to every eight weeks to avoid them becoming too relaxed with the extra weight of long hair.

For those with wavy or straight long hair, then opt for a trim somewhere between eight and 12 weeks. If your hair is fine, you'll need to keep on top of trimming the ends. This type of hair is very vulnerable to more damage if not attended to regularly, so visit your hair salon every four to six weeks.

Know what's right for your style

Every hair type and style is different, which means the interval at which you need your hair cut will vary. If you need any kind of hair advice or you're simply looking for that hairstyle to help make you feel like you again, our expert stylists can help.