How to rock the wet look with long hair

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How to rock the wet look with long hair

15 Oct 2015

As British summers go, 2015 was wetter than ever, but this time it's had nothing to do with a change in the Gulf Stream and everything to do with the massive wet look trend that's formed a major area of high-pressure on the global fashion front.

It isn't often that hairstyles that can be easily recreated and worn practically out there in the real world trickle down from the runways of Paris and New York, but wet-look hair is one of those rare few, and armed with a trusty tube of gel you'll soon be ready to rock one of the freshest, and most refreshing looks.

Not only are a variety of wet looks ridiculously easy to achieve, they're also a great way of masking hair that's already slightly greasy. And for those whose locks suffer in the summer heat, the wet look doesn't just control frizz: it completely eradicates it. It's also a great time saver for those on the go -- forget about the meticulous 30min après shower blow-dry in the morning, with this look you just get dressed and go.

Yuliya Yafimik
Image credit: Yuliya Yafimik

How can I do it?

For anyone, male or female, who's wearing their hair short, the style is a real breeze. Simply comb towel-dried short hair through close to the scalp, shortly after shampooing, and then apply a liberal amount of wet-look gel. Either wax or pomade will do: we recommend Redken Water Wax 03 Shine Defining Pomade, but whatever you choose, it's worth spending a little extra to ensure the product stays pliable and won't dry out or flake later. If using Redken Water Wax 03 Shine Defining Pomade, warm through between your fingers and then apply all over, working the product through from the roots upwards. A full backcombing directly afterwards with a broad toothed comb immediately creates that sexy/casual, 'just stepped out of the shower/pool/ocean' style that looks equally stunning on boys and girls.

Nastya Nikitina
Image credit: Nastya Nikitina

With only a modicum more effort, those with longer locks can also saturate themselves in an equally edgy array of simple to achieve wet-look styles. We've detailed some of our favourites below.

The faux bob is a wonderful wet-look for those with medium-long hair, and one that's guaranteed to turn heads. Most effective when working with straight or straightened hair, to maintain a super sleek look, apply your chosen gel, wax or styling cream from the roots to the tips before using a trusty scrunchie to gather it all into a low ponytail. Then slowly and firmly pull the scrunchie down along the length of the ponytail, and remove at the end. Carefully curl the end of the undone ponytail inwards towards the nape of the neck and secure it there with hair slides or clips.

The wet pony is an easy win. Ponytails are still bang-on trend, and wet-look ones even more so. You can either apply the wet-look product of choice to the full length of your tresses before gathering in a tight ponytail anywhere from the crown to the nape, or alternatively, only apply product to hair over the scalp before gathering together in a more casual dry ponytail: an effortless emulation of this season's wet/dry catwalk favourite.

Image credit: Seprimor

The slick Cinderella is the perfect wet-look style for those with super long hair. This was the big look seen at shows by Balmain, Chanel and Farhi: designers which lie at the core of the wet-look trend. For maximum drama, the 'wet' part of this look needs to sculpt tight to the head and stay that way, so we recommend using a combination of mousse and gel. Apply this to your hair by working it back through the front of the sides and fringe, making certain all those longer, loose side strands are collected behind the ear. Once you've created that iconic, sneering '50s rocker look' at the front, simply let the untreated ends of the hair fall softly behind the shoulders. The impact of this look comes from contrast, and it's an ideal way to temporarily infuse your girly tresses with some serious punk attitude.

Any of the wet-looks above will marry perfectly with the current trend for hot, clashing neon lipstick, and eyeshadow combos. Alternatively, go down the nude route for that innocent 'caught in the rain' look sported by Beyonce on the cover of this month's Vogue. Whatever you decide, it's time to slick back and relax - you know how to use the rain to your advantage.

Ready to get your wet-look Beyonce on, but not sure it's right for you? Have a chat to one of our stylists about what will work best for you.

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