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Red For Go!

06 Feb 2015

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Tips for successfully transforming your hair colour

Welcome to the first post in our latest four-part series offering helpful hints and advice for brightening up the back end of winter with a whole new hair colour. Whether you covet coppery curls or a rich chestnut mane, are thinking of going all-out bottle-blonde, or even baby blue, our salon experts are here to explain what shades will work with your skin-tones and take most effectively over your natural hair colour, along with tips and tricks for keeping your new colour fresh and full glamour.

Part One is for everyone who's ready to be led into the red, whether you're looking to enhance your own natural shade or make a major transition...

Redheads rock! But if this is not your natural colour you need to treat it right, as our Sevenoaks stylists Jodie Daniels explains, "Red hair is just awesome, but it needs to be the right tone to suit you. If you're skin tone is naturally olive or dark you can still look amazing with red hair, but I'd suggest thinking more Rihanna than pre-raphaelite. If you have pale skin then pretty much any shade of red will look amazing on you. Red makes a real statement, so you don't have to go mad on your wardrobe. One of the things I love about this shade is you can dress in easy neutrals - and let your hair do the talking!"

"Depending on how bright you keep the colour, it could need topping up with a refresh REDKEN gloss or a fabulous colour conditioner or hair pens. There are many options, or you may just enjoy the colour changing between appointments. Life is too short for boring hair, be led by red!" Jodie should know, her deep, burnished copper locks are the perfect compliment to those big brown eyes.

Rebecca Adams, colour specialist at our Tunbridge Wells salon, has even more good news for fiery tresses, as red-hair is not only in-your-face, it's also on-trend for the whole of the forthcoming year. "Reds rule throughout 2015," explains Beccy, "from spring/summer to autumn/ winter it's going to be infectious!"

"The nights will soon be getting brighter, and going red is the hot way to come out of style hibernation ready for spring. Adding some natural tones of red is perfect for those of a fairer complexion, especially anyone with porcelain skin and green eyes. Those rich cherry and damson tones are going to come into their own for autumn/winter, and will be fantastic for brunettes looking for a glimmer of glamour when the light hits their hair."

My best tip for being a redhead is to embrace it from the inside out, and let it empower you. When you go red, you have to go for it there's no half measures with these shades. This is a colour to cherish, and part of that means looking after it properly. Red does fade, so maintenance is a must. Using Shu Uemura Colour Lustre once a week keeps my red intense and my hair in great condition."

"Once you've gone red, be prepared to be little more high maintenance and spend a little longer in the salon," Agrees Billie Crago, one of our esteemed Islington Salon directors. "Copper red's a winner with pale skin and blue eyes, and a 'double dip' or red helps lock it in. I'd also recommend protein treatments keep the colour true root to tip."

One of our Islington stylists, Tom Mcdermott, has some more practical suggestions worth considering. "For anyone with darker brown eyes, I love those more violet reds," he explains, "and if you're ever thinking of going from dark to blonde, or vice-versa, pop in and get a consultation to see if red works for you - it's a great 'stopping-off' shade along the way.

Meanwhile Symon May, our colour specialist from Tunbridge Wells, advises you to take a step back and think about finding a shades of a suitable 'temperature' before literally 'seeing red' and plunging in. "Don't go any colour until you find out what suits you more, cool or warm. I find the easiest way to ascertain this is to ask my guest what colours they wear around at home when their relaxing and not wearing make-up, as this reveals their true tone matches."

Finally, it's no surprise that Lucy Corgan, our Islington stylist with the luxurious, fiery mane, says, "Ginger all the way! I love those strong copper tones, a practically they're better because they don't fade so badly! This hair tone also suits all eye colours, although blue and green work best. One last word of warning though, if you are this shade or you're going there, then stay away from the fake tan - or you'll end up with a look only Bugs Bunny could love!"