Tricks to tame your frizzy hair

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Tricks to tame your frizzy hair

15 Oct 2019

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Lots of us suffer from frizz, and it can leave our locks looking dried out, wild and in need of some TLC. What’s more, hair can go frizzy at the most inconvenient of moments and be caused by a range of factors such as heat damage or humidity.

So what can be done to fight the frizz and attain the sleek and shiny hair of your dreams? We’ve put together a few tips that could help to keep your unruly mane in check:

1. Look for a shampoo containing lots of glycerin

Shampoos with high concentrations of glycerin are great at hydrating dried out locks and battling frizz. Glycerin is also a humectant, meaning it can trap moisture in hair by generating a protective coating.

2. Make the most of conditioner

Many of us forego conditioner for the sake of convenience or opt for two-in-one shampoo and conditioners. Investing in a proper conditioning product is vital for those with frizzy hair, however. To prevent your hair from rebelling, apply conditioner after every wash, smoothing it into your locks from the mid-point down to your ends. Indeed, roots are best avoided during conditioning to prevent oiliness.

3. Use a hydrating mask on a regular basis

Leaving a hydrating hair mask in your hair once a week will help to keep your locks moisturised and prevent damage from hair dryers or straighteners. When selecting a hair mask, opt for products containing castor oil or coconut oil, as these ingredients are renowned for their moisturising abilities.

4. Let your hair dry naturally before blow-drying

Allow your hair to become about 90% dry before reaching for the hairdryer as this will keep your hair strands smooth by minimising the risk of heat damage. While blow-drying, ensure that the dryer is on a low heat setting and that you maintain a distance of at least six inches between the dryer and your hair.

5. Keep all styling tools on a low heat setting

Don’t be fooled into believing that putting your hair straighteners on a high heat setting will effectively smooth your flyaway hairs. In fact, the opposite is true. Sufferers of frizz should try to keep heated styling tools within a temperate range of 250 to 300 degrees to minimise damage. Remember to be patient - holding your tools on your hair for a little longer will pay off in the long run!

6. Get your hair trimmed every six to eight weeks

Split ends are the enemy of frizzy hair and can make your mane much more difficult to control. In this way, it is a good idea to head to your local hair salon for a trim on a regular basis. This will cut down the chances of hair breakage and ensure your locks stay looking healthy and bright.

7. Sleep on a silk pillowcase

It may sound a little decadent, but a silk pillowcase can reduce frizziness by reducing the amount of friction between your pillow and your hair. This is a great way to eliminate those awkward hair mornings!

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