What is my hair type?

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What is my hair type?

03 Jul 2019

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It’s a question some of us struggle with but what exactly is my hair type?

There are many different hair types, and we don’t just fall into one category, but here are some of the main ones to get your head around.

Moisture levels

Water makes up around 25% of our hair, and our manes need it to stay healthy. Naturally, your hair will either be oily, dry, or a combination of the two.

Oily hair means you’ll likely have to wash it anywhere from 4/5 times a week to every day. It tends to work best when treated and looked after with clarifying shampoos and conditioners, as these avoid high levels of build-up, and cleanse deep down into your scalp. It’s also worth noting not to go overboard on conditioner when washing oily hair, as this can make it feel even greasier.

Dry hair can get away without being washed for days at a time, and benefits from moisture-retaining hair products, which lock in water and keep it feeling soft and supple. Dry hair is sometimes the result of dehydration, so in addition to hair products, it’s important to drink plenty of water each day, and eat healthy, hair-loving foods to boost moisture levels from within.


Thick hair, although amazing to have, can sometimes be quite unmanageable, so to help, your hairdresser can recommend the best cut. Thick hair usually suits longer styles, as it helps spread the weight out and enhances its bounciness.

If you have thin hair, asking your hairdresser to cut in soft layers can make it appear thicker, and tends to benefit those with longer styles, too. Those with thin hair look great with shorter cuts, too, so why not try that bob or pixie style you’ve always wanted to?

Our salons in London, Horsham, Tunbridge Wells, Sevenoaks and Marlow specialise in all types of hair density, and one of our talented stylists will tailor any cut and style to suit yours.


Whether you’re a curly girl, poker straight, or have natural waves, it’s likely you’ve wanted the opposite at some point in your life. Whatever your style, learning to embrace it and know what works when it comes to different looks is a tool to master, and one your hair salon can help with.

For curly girls, let them loose! Allow hair to dry naturally and add a spritz of saltwater or similar for the ultimate look. This works for those of you with natural waves, too. Curls also look beautiful when pinned up in a bun; perfect for an elegant look for your next date night.

Straight hair tends to be smoother and silkier and struggles to hold if styled with curls or waves. Learn to love straight locks by experimenting with high ponytails, half-up, half-down dos, or simply just wearing it down on its own.

If you’re confused about hair types or want to know how we can help you achieve your desired look, pop into one of our salons for a free consultation. We’re based across the country, including Marlow, London, Horsham, Tunbridge Wells and Sevenoaks, where one of our friendly stylists will be on hand and happy to help.

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