Why Your Hair Care Routine Should be as Strict as Your Skincare

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Why Your Hair Care Routine Should be as Strict as Your Skincare

27 Nov 2018

Female beauty icons from Marilyn Monroe to Dame Helen Mirren have often told of the skincare secrets that help them maintain their radiant good-looks. But what of hair care?
While many women religiously follow a skincare routine, it can be easy to forget that their hair requires the same care and attention. This year’s hair trend ‘skincare for your hair’ puts that all to rest; encouraging women to adopt an equally attentive regime for their hair. With this in mind, our expert stylists at The Chapel have put together the perfect hair care routine to help you achieve gorgeous, glossy locks.

The Exfoliator

As with skin care, the key to great hair is creating a solid foundation — starting from the scalp. Expert stylist Sarah Nash from our Tunbridge Wells salon reminds us that ‘our scalp is an extension of the skin on our face; we wouldn’t wash our face with harsh detergents so why would we with our hair and scalp?’. Her solution? Kérastase’s Chronologiste Revitalising Exfoliating Care, expertly formulated with vitamin F and Oleo Complex to scrub away old skin cells and nourish your scalp. Simply work the product into your scalp before washing to purify and revitalise your roots. For normal hair, implement this step once a week, but for those with a dry, flaky scalp, make this a permanent step in your regime. As Sarah says herself, ‘get the scalp right first and the hair will follow!’

The Cleanser

For those with a more sensitive scalp, swap exfoliation for a soothing, gentle cleanser. While cream cleansers have long been used on the skin, cleansers for the hair have gained popularity as ‘co-washing’ —a technique that originated in afro hair care— emerged onto the mainstream. Redken’s sulfate-free Cleansing Conditioners are a firm favourite at the Chapel because they work with your shampoo clarify your hair from roots to end, without stripping its natural oils. With a range of products tailored to coarse, medium, and fine hair, you can achieve balanced, bouncy locks, whatever your hair type. And for curly hair with an added kink, run some of Redken’s award-winning Low Foam Moisturising Cleanser through your hair, for complete curl definition with none of the dryness.

The Sun Protection

It’s a little-known fact that our hair is prone to the same sun damage as our skin. UV rays penetrate deep into the hair cuticle (even more so on coloured hair) creating brittle strands, split ends and discolouration. If you’re jetting off tropical destination this winter, don’t leave your sun protector at home. Our stylists recommend the Kérastase Micro-Voile Protecteur; simply spritz over your locks for ultimate protection against UV rays and chlorine. But even if you’re staying in the drizzly UK, don’t think you’re exempt from damage. UV rays are present wherever there is a hint of sunlight, so give your hair everyday protection with Kérastase’s Bain Apres Soleil with UV filters which help to maintain a vibrant colour between salon visits. For even more ways to protect your hair from holiday sun, take a look at our guide to summer hair care.

The Moisturiser

A staple in any skincare routine, moisturising is also the key to luscious hair. As winter draws closer, both our skin and hair become exposed to the same cold and blustery conditions, which can leave them feeling dry and chapped. While a nourishing conditioner is a good start, it shouldn’t end there. Dawn Oliver, a resident stylist at our Sevenoaks salon, recommends taking the time to care for hair in-between salon visits. She says, ‘compared to skin, hair is something women have to deal with every day without fail and when it's got problems a remedy must be found’. To rescue and revitalise dehydrated locks, smooth Redken’s All Soft Argan Oil from root to end for deeply conditioned hair with a long-lasting lustre.

The Sheet Mask

Inspired by Korean beauty trends, facial sheet masks have been all the rage on Instagram this year. But thought sheet masks were just for your face? So did our Chapel stylists until they discovered Redken’s All Soft Mega Sheet Mask for severely dry and puffy hair. This 10-minute tissue mask is saturated with nourishing oils and minerals to quench your hair of its much-needed thirst. Our stylists recommend using a mask like this once a week, taking the time out of your day to truly care for your tresses.

The Serum

The cherry on top of your routine, serums give your skin (and now your hair) a final touch of care and attention. Our Tunbridge Wells stylist Symon May knows just how to give your hair that extra flourish at home. He states, ‘why pay hundreds of pounds at the salon to get great hair and then not continue to maintain it at home? I've seen colour go dull and hair become lifeless from using high street products.’ For Symon, investing in a good-quality, nourishing serum can transform the quality of your hair between salon visits. He recommends trying the Kérastase Initialiste for thicker, shinier hair that is more resistant to damage. Pump a few drops into your hands and run through with your fingers for a perfectly polished style.

Building the perfect hair care routine starts with finding the right products. Our Chapel stylists are always on hand to educate women on the best treatments for their individual hair types. For more advice from our expert stylists, feel free to explore the rest of our blog.