9 Hairstyles That Suit Long Faces

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It’s that time again and you’re heading to your local hair salon, trying to decide what new hairstyle you want to go for. Our face shape can really influence the type of style that best suits us. For long faces, it’s important to be aware of angles and how the different texture of hairstyles can affect your face. Celebrities like Hillary Swank and Sarah-Jessica Parker are good examples of women who have a long face shape and always look fantastic! In this post, we’ve highlighted some of the best hairstyles for those with long faces.

1. Long bob

This shoulder-skimming style is a great, modern look and is one where you can add in some layers to provide some extra movement and bounce.

2. Pixie cut

This cut is probably one for the more adventurous! A pixie cut style can be very complimentary for women with long faces and good bone structure, helping to highlight the bits you want.

3. Sleek bob

This hairstyle is a consistent winner for those with long faces. A timeless classic, it does require some maintenance with product and a rounded brush when drying.

4. Long layers with a fringe

This is another great modern hairstyle where having a fringe reduces the length of the face. The long layers added into the hair provide movement and volume, making this a great all-round hairstyle.

5. Side-parted wavy hairstyle

The side parting and the waves added to the hair both help to widen the face. This is a very complimentary hairstyle and is suitable for all occasions.

6. Long wavy centre parted hairstyle

A centre parting isn’t one that you think would work but with the addition of some loose beach waves, it’s a great look for ladies with longer faces. All you need is a curling iron and then brush out the curls to create loose waves.

7. Shaggy bob

This is a great low maintainence look and works with most types of hair. By using choppy layers to create texture, attention is drawn to the “cool but messy” effortless hairstyle.

8. Medium length shag with a fringe

Similar to the shaggy bob, the addition of fringe helps to widen your face slightly. Ask your hairdresser to layer your fringe slightly to create a wispy effect.

9. Deep side parting

If you have a long face with angular bone structure, then a deep side parting is a must-try. This type of hairstyle really brings out your cheekbone and browbone, rather than focusing on the length of your face

As you can see, there are a lot of options out there for women with long faces. The key things to remember are how to use texture like waves and curls along with where you part your hair to draw attention to different areas.

At The Chapel, we have a great team of experienced hairdressers, ready to work with you to meet your needs. With locations in London, Horsham, Marlow, Tunbridge Wells and Sevenoaks, give us a call today to get your appointment booked in.

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