Get fiery and fierce with the Blorange hair

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Get fiery and fierce with the Blorange hair

28 Apr 2017

We admit, 'Blorange' does sound a bit mad, but this is the hair colour trend to try this summer. With the variation of tones and shades, you can adjust to suit your style. It's perfectly versatile and you can create amazing unique styles with a range of semi and permanent colourants.  A twist on the popular rose gold trend recently seen, Blorange is a ramped up version with deeper and richer tones. Whilst this is no new colouring technique it's been given a recent boost by celebs like Georgia Jagger, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Hailey Baldwin and even Kayne West. Instagrammers are showing off their take on the trend with #blorange and stylists are getting creative with it too. So here's the low down on the next colour craze that we can't wait to see hit our salons!

Also, check out the gorgeous Zoe Newlove featured in our title image, coloured by our very own Symon May using Redken's new City Beats colours!

Pulling off Blorange

The name was inspired by the blood orange: the 'superfood' sister of the standard java. With beautiful vibrant juicy flesh, it is a sight to behold. With a similar tone, Blorange blends pinky copper colours from the recent rose gold trend and adds red to meet in the middle with gorgeous blonde orange shades.

If you want to build up the Blorange and create a bespoke look why not ask your stylist to try using balayage? This will playfully enhance your hair and flatter your features with shades of peaches and dusky pinks. For a more fiery finish ask your stylist to add some striking freehand tones of deep sierra orange and darker blood red.

If you have dark hair, ask your stylist to work with the richer and denser colours of the Blorange palette to achieve a glossy look. Whereas if you're a natural blonde, add subtle 'bleached out' Blorange tones for a sun-kissed yet grungy result.

There are no rules to the application of this colour, you could wear an undercut with Blorange, or blend mid-lengths and ends to achieve an ombre finish. Your colourist will seamlessly blend orange, blonde, and peach to create a smooth colour transition.

How can I big up my Blorange?

Whether you have fair or darker toned skin there's no excuse -- it suits every complexion.  Think of the colour palette as blush you'd apply as part of your makeup routine. Those with cooler skin tones should opt for paler pinks whereas warm skin tones suit more orangey tones and fiercer bright reds. If you have olive or dark skin you are spoilt for choice! So why not ask your colourist to get creative by blending a wave of blorange starting with a lighter root, into a darker sunset orange end of hair. Curls and waves look fantastic with blorange colouring, however, for added drama wear your hair poker straight and add a shine serum to reflect the light.

Blorange colourings are prone to fast fading -- not a bad thing; given that a washed out peachier Blorange can look great! However, if you do want to keep things vibrant, make sure you wash hair in water that's at a tepid temperature as this will help colour particles stay within the hair shaft. Keep up with regular trims to make sure the ends of the hair are kept looking healthy and pamper weekly with a colour care intense moisturising mask, particularly if you heat style regularly. Remember if you have a dark natural base, you will need to pre-lighten hair slowly to avoid damaging the hair. It may take more than one salon visit to achieve your final Blorange colouring, patience is key to ensuring healthy hair, with an on-trend colour.

Try before you buy!

If you don't fancy hitting the bottle straight away and going for a more permanent change, why not take inspiration from Gigi Hagid. Her blorange wig was a great way to instantly switch up her style and thanks to The Chapel you too can try out quality wigs too! We also have expert advice on hand from our super stylists, who can give you honest advice on the best route for you.

Keen to make a juicy change for the summer? Why not come and visit us for a chat about your hair, or keep looking around our blog for yet more hair-spiration.

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