Our latest update regarding Coronavirus

We are temporarily closed for safety reasons surrounding Coronavirus but we have creative ideas in development for our guests. No action is required from you regarding upcoming appointments but please see our blog piece here for regular updates in full.

Thank you for your amazing support and understanding.

Coronavirus Update - The Chapel Hairdressing

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We are temporarily closing our doors

Dear Guests,

We firstly want to wish you well and to keep safe. We would like to thank all of you for your support and hygiene vigilance as each Government update has arrived during these unpredictable times.

We are temporarily closed for your wellbeing and safety and that of our teams, in line with the latest Government guidelines. Whilst we’re pausing our hair services in each Chapel, we’d still like to be here for you and help you with all things hair. Our team is sharing ideas and we are hoping to find ways to support you at this time. Once we’ve taken care of the team’s wellbeing we’ll be back in touch.

You don’t need to take any action if you have an upcoming appointment.

We’ll be canceling appointments automatically as they fall on days where we aren’t yet open again, or we’ll be in touch to let you know in advance that we are open again.

We’d love to keep in touch during this time so do follow our social media and blog. Any updates on the current situation will also be posted on social and this blog piece.

Please note that we are only replying to emails during this time.

Thank you again for your incredible support,

The Chapel

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