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Keeping Connected

01 Dec 2020


Particularly this year there’s not been enough time spent on just you. We came together to discuss our focus upon reopening and our team universally decided that we want to create an unforgettable experience about you. Where you can leave the distractions of Christmas and the outside world at the door and feel like you again.

We, therefore, have invested all of our time and energy into giving you the safest, most human and connected experience without these distractions.

Having spent lots of time talking to all of our guests and stylists, what struck us most was the need for connection that everyone seemed to feel and which has become much deeper and more obvious as we have all adapted to these times. The value of the conversations we have seems to be much stronger now. The experiences of being apart for a big chunk of time during lockdowns helped us all to take stock and to see more clearly what each of our relationships give us.

When we managed to open the doors again to our salons the gratitude from our guests at being able to re-connect and to be truly listened to and fully seen again was like a tidal wave of relief sweeping through all of our salons. As the wave has receded what we are left with is a fresher and more honest way of being. Everyone has been more vulnerable and more human during this time.

As a team, we’ve been ‘zooming’ along with the rest of the world to stay in contact with one another when the government has restricted the work in our salons. We have seen into each other’s homes and got a sense of their surroundings. We have witnessed the kids at play or heard the dog barking or the delivery man at the door. I even recognise some of my team member’s favourite tea mugs or the view out of their window! In a way we have slightly undressed a bit more with each other in this time. We have taken off a layer of the formal stuff and let ourselves be a bit more us…. A bit more human.

Reflecting on all of this it’s more important than ever that we keep supporting one another and staying connected as this chapter continues to evolve. So one idea we had at The Chapel was to capture some of the inspiration and comfort our stylists have found in certain things and certain moments over the last few months that have helped them to stay grounded and connected and to share them in the form of a new series of postcards that we will share with our guests when we can next invite people back in to our salons again. It may just be a small thing but we hope that by sharing the words and images that have lifted us up during this time that others might also find strength and optimism in them too. A postcard is a reminder that you are on someone else’s mind and if one finds its way on to your mantelpiece or kitchen counter we hope that it helps you to feel just that little bit more connected.

We look forward to welcoming you soon.

The Chapel Team


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