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Discussing the Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer

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Our expert stylists are never shy of new technology - using it to further curate their craft and push the boundaries of what is possible with hair. Each of us has our own styling favourites, but one which has cropped up in a few of our stylist’s toolboxes is Dyson’s Supersonic Hairdryer. But is it really as great as it claims? Here we’ll give you our honest opinions on one of the most expensive models on the market and whether it’s worth the investment.

The down low on the Dyson

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You might have heard about the Dyson Supersonic when it first released in 2016 - mostly focusing on its larger-than-life price tag. Since then coverage has died down, but what has emerged is a solid fan club for this now cult piece of hair tech which has gained quite a following.

Of course, Dyson is best known for its hoovers however they have applied their knowledge creating a hairdryer quite unlike any other. And it was this application and product development process which increased the RRP to higher than any that had become before it - but was it worth it? Dyson enrolled some of the hair world’s most influential talents such as the Kardashian’s hairstylist Jen Atkin to give an expert's perspective. From this, they developed over 600 prototypes before creating the hairdryer we see before us today - a journey which took a lot of time and money.

The result? A hairdryer which is 6 times smaller and 3 times lighter than your average hairdryer, using Dyson’s famous ‘Air Multiplier’ technology. It basically takes air from all sides of its cylindrical shape, multiplies its power and forces it towards the hair with unbeatable gusto. So much gusto, it halves drying time - less time and heat needed means less damage.

It also has 3 precise heat and speed settings, as well as a cool blast for setting the hair - making choosing the perfect setting super simple. Paired with the diffuser and styling smoother we’ve found the Dyson Supersonic to be the perfect styling tool for a straight or curly finish.

As professionals, some of us have invested in the pro version and are looking forward to the new versions to come. But of course, this is a tool for our trade - is it worth it for you?

Is the Dyson Supersonic right for me?

At The Chapel, we believe that being your most beautiful doesn't just stop at the door. So, we are always on the lookout for products which we think might benefit our guests. Of course, we understand that this is a large investment for anyone and therefore we will only recommend this on a case-by-case basis.

Roni from our Tunbridge Wells hair salon recommends it to all of her curly-haired guests, with AJ from our Islington hair salon adding, “I love it and as Roni said it’s the best for curly guests - it gives a lot of shine as well as being light and better weighted for my shoulder issue”.

It can be a great tool to achieve a salon-fresh blow dry for those that are time-stretched but if you want one-to-one advice on this our experts would be happy to help. Or for more hair expertise explore our website.

Title image credit goes to this official Dyson Instagram post...

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