How to deal with your roots during lockdown!

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How to deal with your roots during lockdown!

14 May 2020

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How to deal with your roots during lockdown!

Rebecca - Lead Colour Educator THE CHAPEL
Image credit: Rebecca - Lead Colour Educator THE CHAPEL

Rebecca our Lead Colour Educator offers you the best advice on how to temporarily deal with your roots

Firstly we strongly recommend that you do not home hair color with box dyes as most of them will add permanent pigment to your hair.

All of the products mentioned below wash out, so they will not affect your natural colour when you return to the salon for your colour application. If you do pick up a box dye, please remember the result may cause a colour band, which will affect your next salon colour, potentially take time to grow out and may not be easily rectified by us. Also bear in mind that you will need another skin test 48 hours before we are able to colour your hair again. This is in line with Redken’s safety procedures if another colourant has been used between appointments.

There are so many wonderful wash out, root touch up products available to us, to help blend our roots and grey hair. Redken’s root touch up, L’Oréal Magic Retouch spray, Batiste dry shampoos with hints of colours or Wow powder. The key is to try them out, and find what works best for you and your hair.

Before purchasing your root touch up product, please check it is a ‘‘wash out" one, which won’t change your natural hair. Some ranges are permanent or semi permanent and will affect it.

All of these products are widely available online, from most supermarkets and pharmacies, and range in price from around £10 to £30. Remember also to follow the guidelines and if you have any questions about any product you are intending to use, please feel free to check with us first by emailing

We’ve had lots of conversations with our Chapel guests about roots, especially whilst we wait for hair salons to re-open again. The sprays seem to work better on medium to thick hair and they are quick and instant. There are many different shades and the best advice is to try a couple of them to see which one blends best with your hair. These are fantastic products and work very well on darker blondes to dark brown or even black hair. If you’re not sure what colour to go for and you’d like some advice, why not get in touch with your stylist and book a video conversation by downloading the Chapel App.

Amy, one of London stylists, has done this fantastic video to show you how to use one of the products



Powder touch ups like Wow are a softer application with a brush, so these may work better for finer hair. Top tip, if using powder touch ups, is to dab the power on - don’t brush it on and don’t be afraid to load the brush up with product. Again, this is all about finding out what works best for your hair.

Blondes with natural darker roots are a bit trickier but there is a lighter Wow powder for creating a temporary highlighted look. Their website has lots of videos and information. The sprays for blondes with dark roots have mixed reviews, but again, this might work for you. The brilliant blonde dry shampoo from Batiste also helps to blend this line in slightly and works really well. Again, these are available from supermarkets and shops, and there are some great tips and reviews on their website also.

If you have any questions regarding any aspect of your hair, please do get in touch with our stylists by booking in a chat with them (Instructions Here) or emailing us - they’d love to hear from you, and remember... they miss you as much as you miss them!

Stay safe and see you soon.

Rebecca x